Stipulated Policies (Printer-Friendly PDF)

Institutional Integrity

A1. A widely disseminated, written policy statement of commitment to academic freedom in teaching, learning, research, publication, and oral presentation
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Academic Affairs (Section 5-15)
A2. Due process procedures that demonstrate faculty and students are protected in their quest for truth
  1. University of Hawai'i Professional Assembly (UHPA) Contract, Article IX - Academic Freedom and Responsibility for Faculty (including Due Process)
  2. Policy on Academic Freedom for Students in the Mānoa Catalog
A3. Written policies on due process and grievance procedures for faculty, staff and students
  1. System-wide Administrative Procedures A9.100 - Adverse Actions, Appeals, Hearings, and Grievances
  2. UHPA Grievance Procedures for Faculty, Article XXIV
  3. Hawai'i Government Employees Association (HGEA) Grievance Procedures for Administrative/Professional/Technical Staff (Unit 8), Article 17 (2007-2009 contract)
  4. HGEA Grievance Procedures for Civil Service Personnel (Unit 3), Article 11 (2007-2009)
  5. United Public Workers (UPW) Unit 1 Agreement, Section 15 (2007-2009)
  6. Grievance Procedures for Students
  7. System-wide Administrative Procedure A9.860 - Policies and Procedures on Student Grievances
A4. A clear statement of institutional policies, requirements, and expectations to current and prospective employees
  1. UH Administrative Rules Title 20, Chapter 2: System-wide Administrative Statement of Rights and Responsibilities of the University of Hawai'i Community
A5. Institutionally developed and published non-discrimination, equal opportunity, and affirmative action policies
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Non-Discrimination and Affirmative Action (covers Equal Opportunity) Section 1-5
  2. Executive Policy - University Statement on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action, Section E1.202
  3. UH System Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Office
A6. Clearly written policies on conflict of interest for board, administration, faculty, and staff, including appropriate limitations on the relations of business, industry, government, and private donors to research in the institution
  1. Bylaws of the Board of Regents, Article X-Conflicts of Interest
  2. Executive Policy on Conflicts of Interest, Section E5.214
  3. UHPA Contract IX: D (Faculty): Academic Freedom - Procedure for Dealing with Alleged Breach of Professional Ethics and/or Conflicts of Interest in Research or Scholarship
  4. Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i (RCUH) Conflict of Interest Policy Statement
A7. A clear statement that the institution agrees to abide by WASC Policy on Substantive Change and the Policy on Distance and Technology-Mediated Instruction
  1. Process of Institutional Review for Substantive Change - Distance Delivered Programs
  2. Academic Planning and Approval - Distance Delivered Programs
  3. Executive Policy on Distance Learning Plans, Policies and Procedures, Section E5.204


B1. Policies covering human subjects and animals in research, classified research, patent provisions, cooperative research relations with industry, and other similar issues related to the integrity and independence of the research enterprise
  1. Board of Regents Policy 5-15 Regarding Research (includes c. Classified Research, d. Administrative Unit for Classified Contracts, e. Security Clearance, f. Outside Research Projects)
  2. Board of Regents Policy 5-19 Regarding the Research Corporation of the University of Hawai'i (RCUH)
  3. Board of Regents Patent and Copyright Policy, Section 5-16
  4. Executive Policy - Administration E5.500 Administration of the Patent and Copyright Policy
  5. UHPA Faculty Contract Article XI on Intellectual Property, Patents and Copyright
  6. System wide Administrative Procedures A5.503 - Protection of Human Subjects
  7. Institutional Review Board
  8. Committee on Human Studies Policies and Procedures Manual
  9. Student Research Policy (and Students as Research Subjects)
  10. Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
  11. A5.500 Procedures to Invention Identification, Disclosure and Reports Under State Funding
  12. A5.502 Procedures for Invention Identification , Disclosure and Reports Under Extramural Contract Patent Clauses
  13. Office of Technology and Economic Development
    a. Invention Disclosure Form
    b. Information about Material Transfer Agreements
    c. Intellectual Property Policies
B2. Institutions that support applied research having the potential for producing significant revenue have clear policies on how faculty responsible for such research share revenue from patents, licenses, and sales. Institutions supporting entrepreneurial activity of faculty of institutionally sponsored research parks have clear policies covering the involvement of faculty in such ventures, the protection of basic research, and the publication of research results.
  1. Intellectual Property Policies
  2. UHPA Faculty Contract Article XI - Intellectual Property, Patents and Copyrights
  3. Executive Policy - Administration E5.500 Administration of the Patent and Copyright Policy
  4. Board of Regents Research Policy, Section 5-15
  5. UHPA Faculty Contract - Conditions of Service Article III

Educational Programs

C1. Precise, accurate, and current information in printed material regarding a) educational purposes; b) degrees, curricular programs, educational resources, and course offerings; c) student charges and other financial obligations, student financial aid, and fee refund policies; d) requirements for admission and for achievement of degrees; and e) the names of the administration, faculty, and governing board.
  1. Mānoa Catalog
  2. Mānoa Faculty Senate
  3. Board of Regents University of Hawaii
  4. Mānoa Campus Administration
C2. Publications that make clear the status (e.g., full-time, part-time, adjunct) of each faculty member.
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Faculty Classifications: Section 9-2b
  2. Board of Regents Policy on Lecturers: Section 9-1a(6)
C3. Clearly articulated policies for the transfer of credit to ensure that students who transfer in with general education course credits meet the institution's own standards for the completion of the general education requirement.
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Student and Credit Transfer: Section 5-13
  2. Admission of Transfer Students - Mānoa Catalog
  3. Executive Policy E5.209 - on Student Transfer and Inter-campus Articulation
  4. Admission of Transfer Students:
    a. Transfer Credit Search Engine for Transfer from Outside of the UH System
    b. Articulated Courses within the UH System
C4. Policies and procedures for additions and deletions of programs
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Establishing and Abolishing Programs - Section 5-1
  2. Executive Policy E.5201- Approval of New Academic Programs and Review of Provisional Academic Programs
  3. UH Mānoa Academic Planning and Approval
  4. UH Mānoa Program Review Policies and Procedures
C5. Requirements for continuation in, or termination from, academic programs, and a policy for readmission of students who are disqualified for academic reasons.
  1. Academic Probation, Suspension, and Dismissal (UH Mānoa Catalog)
  2. Student Conduct Code
  3. Academic Probation for Graduate Students
C6. Clearly stated graduation requirements that are consistently applied in the degree certification process.
  1. Undergraduate General Education Core and Graduation Requirements ( UH Mānoa Catalog)
  2. Undergraduate Graduation Requirements and Policies ( UH Mānoa Catalog )
  3. Graduate Studies Degree Requirements


D1. Personnel policies governing employment of teaching fellows and assistants.
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Personnel Status, Section 9-1a(5)
  2. Executive Policies on Personnel, E9.101
  3. The Graduate Assistant Handbook: A Manual for Graduate, Teaching and Research Assistants at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa
D2. Policy designed to integrate part-time faculty appropriately into the life of the institution
  1. System wide Administration Policy for Orientation for New Employees, A9.490
  2. Office of Faculty Development and Academic Support
D3. Explicit and equitable faculty personnel policies and procedures
  1. Board of Regents Personnel Policies (Chapter 9)
  2. Executive Personnel Policies
  3. UHPA Contract
  4. UHPA Grievance Procedure Brochure
  5. System wide Administrative Procedures for Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action
  6. Executive Policy E1.202 - University Statement on Nondiscrimination and Affirmative Action
  7. Executive Policy E1.203 - on Sexual Harassment
  8. System wide Administrative Procedure A9.540 - Recruitment and Selection of Faculty and Administrative, Professional and Technical (APT) Personnel
D4. Policies on salaries and benefits.
  1. Board of Regents Personnel Policy 9.2 - Classification Plans and Compensation Schedules
  2. UHPA
D5. Policies for faculty and staff regarding privacy and accessibility of information.
  1. Hawai'i Administrative Rules Title 20, Chapter 16 - Personal Records
  2. Hawai'i Administrative Rules of Practice and Procedure Title 20, Chapter 1-4- Public Records
  3. Hawai'i Revised Statutes, Section 92F
  4. UHDA Contract, Unit 8, Article XIX - Personnel Files
  5. HGEA Contract, Unit 8, Article 15 - Personnel Files
  6. HGEA Contract, Unit 3, Article 16 - Personnel File
  7. System wide Administrative Procedure A9.075, Personnel Records


E1. Written library collection development and weeding policies, including the bases for accepting gifts.
  1. Library Collection Policy Statements
  2. Board of Regents Policy on Business and Finance, Sections 8-8 and 8-13
  3. System-wide Administrative Procedures A8.505 State Personal Property,Section 5: Special Requirements for Library Collections
  4. System-wide Administrative Procedures A8.620 on Gifts


F1. Admission and retention policies and procedures, with particular attention to the application of sound admission and retention policies for athletes, international students, and other cases where unusual pressures may be anticipated.
  1. Board of Regents Policy 5-21 Early Admission Policies
  2. Admission Requirements from Mānoa Catalog
  3. Admission of Freshmen
  4. Admissions for Graduate Schools (Graduate Division)
  5. Admission of Foreign Students and Non-native Speakers of English
  6. UH Recruiting Process for Campus Visits and Prospective Athletes
F2. Clearly defined admissions policies attentive to the special needs of international students.
  1. Admission of Foreign Students and Non-native Speakers of English, and International Exchange Students
  2. Admission of International Graduate Students
  3. Information regarding Graduate Admission for International Students
F3. Policies on student rights and responsibilities, including the rights of due process and redress of grievances.
  1. Student Conduct Code
  2. System wide Administrative Procedure A7.022 - Procedures Relating to Protection of the Educational Rights and Privacy of Students
  3. Academic Grievance Procedures for Students  
  4. System-wide Administrative Procedure A9.860 - Policies and Procedures on Student Grievances
  5. Family Educational Rights Privacy Act
F4. Publications that include policies and rules defining inappropriate student conduct.
  1. Student Conduct Code
F5. A policy regarding fee refunds that is uniformly administered, and consistent with customary standards.
  1. Refunds of Tuition and Fees ( UH Mānoa Catalog )


G1. Policies, guidelines, and processes for developing the budget.
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Business and Finance: Section 8-3a - Biennial Budget (Operating and Capital Improvements) Policy and Governing Principles
  2. Executive Policies on Business and Finance E8.000
  3. Executive Budget Request/Program and Financial Plan for 2009-2015: (September 11, 2008)
  4. Preliminary Instructions For Executive Budget Preparation : August 26, 2008
  5. Program Change Requests FB 2009-2011
  6. 2009-2011 Biennium Budget Proposal Development (UH System)
G2. Clearly defined and implemented policies with regard to cash management and investments, approved by the governing board.
  1. Board of Regents Policies on Business and Finance: Section 8-6 on Investments (Including Cash Management)
  2. Executive Policy on Cash Management and Short-term Investment of Operating Funds, Section E8.201
G3. Policies and a code of ethics for employees involved in buying, bidding, or providing purchase orders.
  1. Board of Regents Policies on Business and Finance: Section 8-5 on Purchases and Equipment Capitalization
  2. System-wide Administrative Procedures on Appointment of Fiscal Officers and Assistant Fiscal Officers, Section A8.026-
  3. System wide Administrative Procedures on General Principles - Standards of Conduct, Policy A8.220 - Section 3
G4. Policies on risk management, addressing loss by fire, burglary and defalcation, liability of the governing board and administration; and liability for personal injury and property damage.
  1. System wide Administrative Procedures - Section A8.400 - Risk Management Guidelines and Procedures
  2. Executive Policy E8.207 on Risk Management
  3. Executive Policy E2.202 on Risk and Insurance Management Policy
G5. Policies regarding fundraising activities that comply with sound ethical accounting and financial principles.
  1. Board of Regents Policy on Business and Finance Section 8-9: Fundraising
  2. System wide Administrative Procedures A8.620: Gifts
  3. System wide Administrative Procedures A1.200: Mānoa Facilities Use Practices and Procedures