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Appendix A: Criteria for Review References
Appendix B: Evidence for WASC Standards
Appendix C: Data Exhibits
Appendix D: Mānoa's Stipulated Policies
Appendix E: Response to Concerns Raised in
October 2007 Report of the Special Visit Team
& the February 2008 WASC Letter

November 2009 Budget Outlook Update

Educational Effectiveness Review

  Reflective Essays
  Concluding Essay

Appendix A: Criteria For Review References
Appendix B: Retention & Graduation Data Analysis
Appendix C: Response to the Issues Raised in March 2010 WASC Letter
Appendix D: Update on the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa Budget and Budget Outlook
Appendix E: Supplemental Report on Distance and Off-Campus Programs
Appendix F: Exhibits for the Educational Effectiveness Review
Appendix G: Evidence on WASC Standards
Appendix H: Mānoa Stipulated Policies

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Mānoa Overview
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Mānoa Overview
Tracking Site

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