Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

2018 SURE Symposium Participants

The SURE Program is an upcoming 8-10 week no credit, no-cost program for undergraduate students engaged in research and creative works. It will provide near-weekly professional development modules that culminate in the end-of-summer SURE Symposium. Guided by UH faculty and administrators, these modules will prepare students for their academic and professional pursuits. Examples of modules include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial kickoff celebration
  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Successful graduate school applications
  • How to prepare for project showcases, presentations, and conferences
  • Research/work ethics
  • End-of-summer symposium

The program emphasizes not only the importance of advancing academically and professionally, but of connecting to Hawai‘i as a sense of place. It serves as a gathering place for students who otherwise would find themselves interacting little outside of their research settings or creative works spaces. The program provides a space for students to confer with their peers on the challenges, solutions, and rewards they experience when conducting research and creative works.

Who It’s For:

Students from all disciplines, from art to women’s studies to marine science, are encouraged to participate. The course is available to:

  • UHM students doing research/creative works on campus
  • Non-UHM students who are participating in formal research/creative works at UHM e.g. REU
  • Students doing research/creative works under the mentorship of a UHM faculty member
  • Off-campus UHM students who will return for the end-of-summer symposium



Students are encouraged to attend the initial kickoff celebration/orientation and the end-of-summer project showcase. Students will sometimes be asked to submit ungraded assignments in advance preparation for a week’s module topic. For example, students may need to bring their resumes into class for review.