Once we disburse your funds, you will be ready to begin your research or creative project!

Purchasing items

Please keep in mind that UROP requires you to save all receipts for approved purchases made with UROP funds (see below). If your project includes travel, your enrollment (of at least one credit), and funding must also take place in the same semester.

The acquisition of required materials is up to you with the funding we provide you.  Sometimes research or creative work involves materials which students are not allowed to purchase directly. If you are conducting research involving industrial chemicals or other materials that you cannot buy on your own:
–  Please work closely with your faculty mentor to obtain these research materials, as UROP is not able to set up a lab account for you or purchase research materials for recipients
–  In the past students have arranged material acquisition and repaid departments or mentors
–  Any arrangements/agreements you enter into are your responsibility
–  Be sure to save a digital version of your payment to your department/mentor, and ask if they may be able to write out a receipt so you can show accountability for your funds


The project process may involve unforeseen ‘bumps-in-the-road’ and recipients sometimes need to request small changes to their proposals, like within their timelines or itemized budgets. This is okay!

If you find that you need to make adjustments to your UROP proposal please email us ( with appropriate subject line, and tell us about your situation.

In the event that you wish to change an aspect of your proposal you must resubmit an altered version of your previous proposal with changes highlighted, and cc your faculty mentor who should already have reviewed and approved the change before you request from us.  This may be subject to Council review and approval, which could cause a delay in funding.

Budget increases are not granted in any circumstance.  Budget adjustments may be requested for the amounts of specific line items approved for funding, but not for new items not originally approved. For budget changes please submit original budget with two new columns on the right for “Adjusted Amount”, and “Justification” for change in amount. If an item amount is unchanged, please include the amount in “Adjusted Amount” and write “no change” in justification.  Please highlight the amounts that are different from the original approved budget.  Please be sure to indicate the total of the “Adjusted Amount” column in the “Total” row, as well as your latest approved total.

Significant changes could result in withdrawal of a project and possibly require reapplication as a new project.

Any group members that withdraw will lose allocated funds, and they will not be reallocated to remaining group members. Significant changes in the make up of a group may require reapplication as a new group.

You may forfeit your funding for any reason, please just notify UROP in writing.

Keep in contact with us!
We are here to help you through the research process. Please send an email with any questions or concerns that may come up, and follow our appointment policy if you need to speak with us in person.