Presentation Completion



All of your obligations for successful completion of UROP requirements are listed below. These are the same requirements as those stipulated in the student Memorandum of Agreement signed by you.  Every recipient must fulfill each requirement individually; groups have two exceptions in that they must submit one comprehensive receipt report.

All requirements are due by 11:59pm one week before the last day of instruction of the semester you indicated as the completion semester in your timeline, keep us apprised of any changes. Please check with the UH calendar about the date as it will change according to the semester.

❏  Receipt Report

This is a report of how you spent your funding in comparison to your approved budget (for groups this is your overall, not individualized budget).  You must save all receipts from all purchases made with UROP funds (except M&IE which is a flat rate and does not require ANY receipts), and submit all as one PDF:

    • Cover Sheet
      • Includes the table of your latest approved budget with each item numbered as in your approved budget
        • If a budget revision was approved, please use latest approved budget
      • Additional column to indicate all actual expenses made
      • Additional column to state any differences with explanations
    • Electronic copies of each receipt following the cover sheet
      • Numbered and in order of table on cover sheet 

The report should be submitted exactly once after your presentation, please do not submit as multiple documents. Please save this PDF as: PRES.lastname.firstname.REC  and email to Groups save and submit this document once for the entire group as “PRES.Gx.[first alphabetically occurring last name of group members].[corresponding first name].REC”

If you are unable to provide documentation for partial funds, or have unspent funds, please email your acknowledgement to refund those specific unspent funds. We will process the reversal of the unused funds to your MyUH account. Your MyUH account will reflect a charge of that specific amount once processed (approximately 2 weeks); you will then be able to make payment through your MyUH account.  The UROP office does not accept any payments directly, all funding goes through the MyUH system. Please review the examples of receipt reports below for reference, although your report should be based on your approved budget.
❏  Photo Submission

You are required to submit one photo of yourself (as a .jpg) conducting your presentation.  If you give permission in the release, we will use the photos for our website and/or other promotional materials for UROP, so please select something interesting and have fun with this requirement.  Please send an email with the subject line “PRES.lastname – Photo Requirement” and in the email include where the photo was taken and what you are doing. Please sign and attach a scan of the Media Release  (please name the file “PRES.lastname.firstname.REL”) and the actual photo file named “PRES.lastname.firstname.PHO.jpg” to that email. 

❏  Completion Report

The final requirement for your UROP presentation is a completion report. In the completion report you will summarize your presentation experiences and include a final student evaluation section in the completion report briefly describing your experience with UROP as a program. Please save this PDF as: PRES.lastname.firstname.COMP
Since this is a report of your personal experiences you should not cc any group members. Please note that group members must report and submit their experiences individually from their respective email accounts.

UROP Receipt Report Examples
This is provided as an example, please use your best judgment and be as thorough as possible in accounting for every dollar spent.

Receipt Report including travel