Disbursement of Funds

Once requirements described that need to be fulfilled prior to starting your project, we will disburse your funds.

If you have previously received UROP funding and still have outstanding requirements for that project, funding will not be disbursed for your new project until you complete all requirements (contingencies, comments/questions from Council, ethical/safety compliance, signed MOA, etc.).

UROP will schedule your disbursal through your MyUH account.  Your account includes charges (for tuition, fees, etc.) and payments (scholarships, awards and financial aid, etc.).

The Financial Aid Office will review all funds before they can be disbursed in accordance with Federal law; there is a federally determined maximum amount any student may receive funding (in any combination of scholarships, awards, and financial aid), this is your maximum cost-of-attendance.  If necessary, the UROP office may advocate on your behalf to request an increase in your cost-of-attendance for Financial Aid office approved budget line items (most expenditures from a vendor for which you could provide a receipt).  Financial Aid will not increase cost-of-attendance for stipend funds.

Once the Financial Aid office reviews your budget, the approved funding amount will be disbursed into your MyUH account in the form of a payment (this will be balanced by the Cashierʻs Office against any charges).  If there is an outstanding balance on your account (even if you schedule a payment plan), your funds will first go to pay your outstanding balance and you may not receive a check/eRefund for the full amount of your funding, so it is imperative to make payments as necessary. Once the Cashierʻs Office reviews your charges and payments, any remaining funds will be refunded to you. If you do not have any outstanding balance, your disbursement will show up as a credit and the Cashier’s Office will generate a payment to you. If there is a delay in receiving your funds, please contact the Cashier’s Office at 808.956.7554.

** It is highly recommended to sign up for eRefund in order to expedite receiving your funds.**  If you don’t sign up for eRefund, the Cashier’s Office will generate a paper check and mail it to you within approx. one month.