Individual/Group Presentation Proposal

To apply for a funding to present your research or creative works, you must upload the Presentation Proposal document in a PDF format as described below to your Presentation Application. If you are applying as a member of a group of two or more, please upload the same Presentation Proposal to each member’s respective application. The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Council (UROC) regards the strength of your proposal as one of the key components of a successful application packet. With that in mind, a Proposal:

  • Must be saved as a single .PDF with the filename “[your last name].[your first name].PROP”
  • Must be reviewed and recommended by your UHM Faculty Recommender
  • Should utilize the Presentation Rubric as a resource to understand how proposals will be judged
  • Must be no longer than four pages, single-spaced, 12-point font, 1” margins
  • Should not include a cover page
  • Must include a three-line header on the top left of each page in this format:
              Applicant Name:  [Last, First name]
              Title of work: [Full title of Work]
              Recommender Name: [Full recommender name including title at UHM]
  • Must include within the four-page limit the following labeled sections: Presentation Abstract, Timetable for Presentation, Applicant’s Role, Rationale for Conference/Event, Biographical sketch, Itemized budget, Research Conduct
  • Failure to follow all directions may result in disqualification of your application

Presentation Abstract
Describe the work you will be presenting, including its significance.

Indicate your timetable for travel to the conference/event venue and show that it will not interfere with your studies during the semester of travel. This may include an explanation of how you will be making up missed classes or work and arrangements with professors.

Applicant’s Role
Clearly define what your role was in the completed work.  You should demonstrate ownership of the design and presentation of the work.

Rationale for Conference/Event
Explain how the conference/event is an appropriate venue for your work and/or discipline, and how participation in the conference/event benefits you, your research or creative work, and the University.

Biographical Sketch
A brief statement of your academic background (including any degrees/certificates previously earned), the experience or interests you have, and why the work was important to you. Also, please explain how the proposed presentation relates to your academic or professional goals. Due to space requirements, please limit your biographical sketch to one paragraph.

Itemized Budget with Justification
A well thought-out and detailed budget justifies your requested expenses. You must submit a budget as a table with these six columns:

For your reference, review the sample budget.

Group Budget
In addition to the overall group budget, you must include a breakdown of funding to distribute between each group member (organized alphabetically by last name), divided without splitting individual line items, within one page for each member (each starting on a new page, portrait orientation). A well thought and detailed budget justifies your requested expenses.

  • Each expense should constitute a line item
  • Specific and detailed justification allows for determination of the necessity of expenses (i.e., a poorly justified line item is not likely to be funded)
  • Include a total amount requested at the very bottom
  • UROP may deny funding for specific line items during the review process
  • Requests beyond the maximum funding amount will be automatically disqualified from review
  • Indicate items being covered through other sources
  • Budgets are subject to a review by the Financial Aid Office for every individual applicant
  • You are allowed to make minor adjustments to specific line items if funded, but the total amount cannot be increased

Items covered by UROP funding may include:
Specific items
 necessary for your presentation, including poster printing, presentation materials, and conference fees.
Travel expenses if necessary for your project/presentation including airfare, ground transportation, and lodging. Include detailed justification (i.e., mention tasks for dates and places). Please list the specific dates for each travel related expense on the respective line. Please note that travel has to take place in the semester of funding being disbursed, which requires enrollment at UH Mānoa. We encourage frugal and wise spending. (e.g., by including comparisons can show you have looked at multiple airline/lodging possibilities). UROP may and fund less than requested if lower costs are found. You may request funding for per diem in the form of Meals & Incidental Expenses (M&IE) indicated by the federal government. Please note that rates vary for M&IE within the continental US as opposed to for Alaska, Hawai’i, US Territories, and foreign countries (use local meals and incidental amounts). We encourage wise spending, by including comparisons can show you have looked at multiple airline/lodging possibilities. We may look up comparisons and fund less than requested if lower costs are found.
Items that are NOT covered by UROP includes a stipend and travel to conference/events if the applicant is not presenting their work.

Research Conduct 
As a representative of the University, you are expected to adhere to professional behavior that reflects well on the institution. You must include proof of compliance with applicable ethical compliance if research or creative works involved human subjects, animal subjects, or hazardous materials.

References (if applicable)
Citation format should adhere to conventions for your specific field.