Terms to Know

Foundation Requirements

  • FW = Written communication (ENG 100, ESL100, or ENG 190
  • FS = Symbolic reasoning (Mathematic courses)
  • FG = Global multicultural perspective
  • FGA = Global multicultural perspectives in group A (Pre-history to 1500 CE)
  • FGB = Global multicultural perspectives in group B (1500 CE to Present)
  • FGC = Global multicultural perspectives in group C (Pre-history to Present)

Diversification Requirements

  • DA = Diversification course in Art
  • DH = Diversification course in Humanities
  • DL = Diversification courses in Literature
  • DS = Diversification courses in Social Sciences
  • DB = Diversification courses in Biological Sciences
  • DP = Diversification courses in Physical Science
  • DY = Diversification courses in Laboratory Science


  • H or HAP = Hawaiian, Asian & Pacific course
  • E or ETH = Contemporary Ethical Issues course
  • O or OC = Oral Communication course
  • W or WI = Writing Intensive course
  • HSL = Hawaiian or Second Language courses


Transfer Applicants = Students currently or previously enrolled at a college or university OTHER than UH Manoa; this includes other University of Hawaii System Schools.

Core Requirements = Foundation Requirements and Diversification Requirements

Special Graduation Requirements = Focus Requirements and Hawaiian or Second Language Requirement

CLEP = College-Level Examination Program.  Students should consult the Counseling and Student Development Center at UHM to apply, pay the fee, and take the corresponding subject examination.

AP = Advanced Placement Examination.  They are administered in high school by the Educational Testing Service for the College Entrance Examination Board for students who have completed specific college-level courses in high school.

Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) =Test required of students whose first language is not English.

Backtracking = Completion of a lower-level or prerequisite course after (or while) taking an advanced course.

Class Standings

  • Freshmen = Students who have earned fewer than 25 semester credit hours.
  • Sophomores = Students who have earned 25-54 semester credit hours.
  • Juniors = Students who have earned 55-88 semester credit hours.
  • Seniors = Students who have earned 89 or more semester credit hours.

Full-Time Students = Enrolled in 12 or more credits per semester (undergraduates) or 8 or more credits per semester (graduates).

Part-Time Students = Enrolled in fewer than 12 credits per semester (undergraduates) or fewer than 8 credits per semester (graduates).

Introductory Courses = All 100-level courses and those 200-level courses without explicit college course prerequisites.

Lower Division Courses = Courses numbered 100-299

Upper Division Courses = Courses numbered 300-499

Major = The area of academic concentration or specialization in which the degree was conferred.

Minor = Limited concentration of courses in an area other than the major and relating to an approved baccalaureate degree.