National Student Exchange


My college experience definitely wouldn’t have been a success without the assistance I’ve gotten through SSS.. I’ve received quality academic advising, that has helped me to finish college within 4 and a half years (including a year of exchange at a trimester school). I was fortunate to achieve my goal of attending a full school year at the University of Washington in Seattle through the National Student Exchange (NSE). I wouldn’t have traded anything to have the experience of seeing seasons change and gaining more independence/freedom from my parents. Attending UW also allowed me to experience taking different courses – ones that UHM don’t offer.  It was there where I took an introductory course in Occupational Therapy (OT).  Because of this course (and others) I now know what that OT is the career for me. SSS was always available to consult with when I had a question, whether I was near or far. I also really appreciated the summer school scholarships that helped me to stay on track with classes at an affordable cost. Looking back, I couldn’t imagine my college experience without having been a part of SSS. Barbara and Gary make a great team and genuinely care for their students.

Family Resources Major