Student Support Services
Student Support Services

Who is eligible? 

You are eligible if you are  U.S. citizen or permanent resident and:

(1) Your family's taxable income OR your taxable income (if you are an independent financial aid student) meets U.S. Department of Education income criteria. If you receive financial aid from UH Manoa or from other programs, you are probably eligible. Even if you do not receive financial aid, you may still be eligible.

(2) You are a first generation college student. If neither of your parents completed a bachelor's degree, you meet this requirement.

(3) You are an undergraduate student enrolled or accepted at UH Manoa and can benefit from any of our services indicated by you on the academic self assessment form. If you are uncertain about whether you are eligible, or have any other questions, we encourage you to apply and talk to an SSS academic advisor.

How to apply

Pick up an application in person from Student Support Services office (we currently do not have online applications). You will need to complete the Student information and eligibility form & Student Self-Assessment form. Turn in forms and make an appointment with an SSS Advisor at (808) 956 - 8402

Our office is located at Krauss Hall Room 114.