CAS 110: Integrating Seminar (Introduction to the University):

This course is a one credit course that serves as an introduction to higher education and an on-going orientation to UHM resources, academic skills and social issues.  This course is designed to help new freshmen adjust to college life and establish some knowledge that will assist them in being successful at UH-Manoa.  (Offered Fall semesters)

EDEP 327: Self Regulated Learning:

This course is designed for students who are committed to understanding human learning and using the learning strategies derived from them to more effectively understand, retain, and flexibly use information in their courses.  As such, the course should be helpful for any student interest­ed in acquiring such strategies to attain a high degree of academic success and for (future) teachers intending to teach such strategies.  (Offered Fall and Spring semesters as WI/O)

EDEP 411  WI: PASSAGE (Adventures on the Path to Becoming an Adult)

Passage is an interactive course, which develops relationships with peers, mentors and “elders”.  The course includes personal interaction, creative group projects and discussion sessions with faculty and community elders.  Focus will also be given to developing students into mentors for incoming SSS students.  (Offered Summer Session II as WI)