Student Support Services
Student Support Services

What is Student Support Services?

Student Support Services (SSS) offers individual, personalized academic planning and advising, special courses, and other activities to support the retention and graduation of program students. Students are accepted into the program if they meet eligibility requirements and can benefit from participating.  We have a facility in which students can use as a study room with access to computers. Active SSS Students have priority for special courses, tuition scholarships, grant aid, and other offerings!

Our Mission

The Student Support Services program originated with other TRIO programs in the Higher Education Act of 1965 and has been present on the Manoa campus since 1970.  The mission of the Student Support Services (SSS) program is to increase the graduation and retention of first generation college students and those with financial need.  It provides a centrally-located study room and computer lab and offers academic advising and workshops to over 300 eligible students each year.  Special courses include a college transition course (CAS 110) for SSS freshmen, a learning strategy course (UNIV 327), and a tuition free summer course (UNIV 421).  Active students can expect assistance in monitoring their academic progress, developing a reasonable plan toward graduation, help in selecting a major or career, and assistance in applying for financial aid.


What does Student Support Services expect from me?

To be an active SSS Student, we request that you have two advising contacts each semester with our advisers. These contacts involve a 15 minute meeting with an adviser which is sufficient to keep your records updated in regards to your academic plans. Many students use our facilities and see SSS advisers more frequently during the semester.