Achievement Scholarship


This scholarship is sponsored by the Manoa Sophomore Experience (MSE) program, whose mission is to help rising sophomores and sophomores navigate academic requirements and campus life so they become engaged with the campus community and invested in their college experience.


This scholarship aims to recognize exemplary freshmen or sophomores, encourage academic and co-curricular engagement, help with the expense of college, and motivate students to persevere with their goals at UHM.

Basic Criteria:

  • Campus- Manoa
  • Level- Undergraduate
  • Need-based- Any
  • College- Any
  • Standing- Students in their first or second year at UHM.

*Transfer students in their first or second year at UHM are eligible if they are classified as a freshmen or sophomore (0-60 credits)

  • Minimum GPA- 3.00 overall
  • Major- Any
  • Residency- Any
  • Gender- Any
  • Enrollment status- Any
  • Additional Requirements- see below

Additional Criteria:

To qualify, the applicant must meet all of the following:

  • Be involved with the UHM campus (preferred) or community (excludes involvement as a high school student)
  • Be enrolled at UHM for at least one semester
  • Be a classified UHM student

To apply for the MSE Achievement Scholarship, please visit the STAR Scholarship website and use the Keyword Search feature to search for  “Manoa Sophomore Experience.” Scholarship applications open in November and close in February. Scholarship awardees are notified in March. Scholarship recipients will be expected to volunteer at MSE events and will be invited as Guest Speakers to MSE events. Applications for the 2017-2018 scholarship are now closed.

Good luck with your application!

Past Recipients