SWS Recap Fall 2017

Sundaes with Students Recap

Here is some advice our panelists shared at the event!

Tzana Saldania

After a series of life changing events, Tzana, decided to follow her passion for art and switched her Cognitive Science Major to English. Tzana encourages students to keep in mind that not everyone has the privilege to receive a college education; use this time in your life to do what you are most excited about.

“It’s okay to be afraid,” use that fear to propel you into your full potential.

Sam Calumpit

For the first two years of college, Sam treated college like high school. She had built her friend group around familiar people and then began to realize that she was not growing. Sam wanted grow her network and began to join multiple business clubs in Shidler. This allowed her to meet and build relationships with those outside of her major. Joining clubs brings many responsibilities and the key is finding your balance, knowing your capabilities in order to best serve yourself and your club.

Bryce Au

Bryce stressed the importance of creating opportunities for yourself, whether it is taking on leadership roles or trying something new. Bryce exemplified this in his reflection on Study Abroad here at UH Mānoa and wants others to do the same as it can be an opportunity to discover your strengths in and out of the classroom.

Kelli Sunabe

As this is her super senior year, Kelli, reflected on her years of being involved on campus. Joining clubs and taking advantage of the little opportunities that presented themselves, Kelli has been able to create a friendly atmosphere here at UH Mānoa. Kelli reminds us that creating opportunities for the following generation of students is important as well. Without the help she received from the generation before her, Kelli would not be where she is today. She encourages us to adopt this mentality in order to foster the next generation of leaders here at UH Mānoa.