2018 Spring Undergraduate Showcase Recognition

The Undergraduate Showcase of Research and Creative Work, which highlights
the independent academic work of UH Mānoa undergraduate students from any
academic discipline on campus, was held on Friday, May 4, 2018.

Some comments from attendees and participants:

“It’s always inspiring to see the research the students are conducting.”

“The judges and audience questions were great. Also the responsiveness to emails/concerns was way above expectations. Thanks so much.”

“The presentations that I judged were all very well done. The students really put a lot of time and effort into their research and showcasing it.”

“It was good getting to practice public speaking and getting feedback on our work. It gave me valuable insight into how I might be able to further improve my project and research practices moving forward.”


Congratulations to all of the participants, and to the following students
who received top honors:

Oral Presentations:

Arts and Humanities – Research First Place: Aaron Katzeman
Presentation Title: Site as System: Local to Global Ecologies
Majoring in Art History, Certificate in Environmental Studies; Showcase participation for Honors
Mentor: Dr. Jaimey Hamilton Faris, Dr. John Szostak

Arts and Humanities – Research Honorable Mention: Jessica Burden
Presentation Title: Iron Age Scythian Women and Warfare: The “Real” Amazons Warriors?
Majoring in Anthropology, Classics; Showcase participation for Honors, UROP
Mentor: Dr. Christine Beaule, Dr. Guy Smoot

Arts and Humanities – Creative First Place: Margo Steines
Presentation Title: Brutalities
Majoring in English, Showcase participation for Honors
Mentor: Professor Shawna Yang Ryan

Engineering and Computer Sciences First Place: Matthew Siegel, Matsu Thornton
Presentation Title: Developing Residential Direct Load Control for Residential Water Heater Demand Response
Majoring in Electrical Engineering; Showcase participation for UROP
Mentor: Dr. Reza Ghorbani

Engineering and Computer Sciences Honorable Mention: Kalani Danas Rivera, Eliesse Hihara, Austin Morishita, Reyn Mikai, Keola Wong
Presentation Title: Design of an Autonomous Unmanned Aerial System for Search-and-Rescue Missions
Majoring in Mechanical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Electrical Engineering
Showcase participation for UROP
Mentor: Dr. Wayne Shiroma

Natural Sciences First Place: Cindy Vuong
Presentation Title: Zika Virus Detection in Urine and Saliva of Pregnant Guinea Pigs
Majoring in Molecular Cell Biology; Showcase participation for Honors
Mentor: Dr. Vivek R. Nerurkar
Co-Authors: Francine Azouz, Shannon Kutscher, and Mukesh Kumar

Natural Sciences Honorable Mention: Kammie Tavares
Presentation Title: Sea Level Rise Triggering Widespread Coastal Hardening and Environmental Destruction on Hawaiian Shores
Majoring in Global Environmental Science; Showcase participation for Honors, UROP
Mentor: Dr. Chip Fletcher

Social Sciences First Place: Kathleen Corpuz
Presentation Title: Assessing Current Tobacco, Electronic Smoking Devices and Vape Use Among Filipinos in Hawai‘i
Majoring in American Studies, Political Science; Minor in Filipino; Showcase participation for Honors
Mentor: Dr. Roderick Labrador, Dr. May Rose Dela Cruz

Social Sciences Honorable Mention: Lauren Kirkwood
Presentation Title: Can We Decipher True vs. False? Psychophysiological Responses to True and False News Headlines Seen on Social Media
Majoring in Management Information Systems; Showcase participation for Honors
Mentor: Dr. Randall K. Minas, Jr.

Poster Presentations:

Overall First Place: Jessica WT Chen
Poster Title: Characterization of Luciferase and Opsin Genes in the Bioluminescent Copepod genus, Pleuromamma
Majoring in Molecular Cell Biology, Studio Art; Certificate in Mathematical Biology; Showcase participation for Honors, UROP
Mentor: Dr. Megan Porter
Co-Authors: Tom Iwanicki, Dr. Erica Goetze, Mireille Steck, Dr. Amy Maas, Dr. Leocadio Blanco-Bercial

Overall Honorable Mention: Boonyanudh Jiyarom
Poster Title: Human Testicular Organoid Model as an in vitro System to Investigate Zika virus Pathogenesis
Majoring in Molecular and Cell Biology; Showcase participation for UROP
Mentor: Dr. Saguna Verma