Tips/Expectations for the Undergraduate Showcase


Before the Showcase

Participants are encouraged to:

  • Read tips shared by past Showcase presentation winners, which can be found here.
  • Visit the venues prior to the Showcase in order to get a feel for the building(s) and layout of the classroom(s) in which they will be presenting.
  • Check their email inbox for last minute reminders and information regarding the Showcase, which will be sent out to all presenters during the week of the event. Students should carefully read through this email to know when and where to register and what they will need to bring with them.
  • Invite family, friends, and their mentor to attend the Showcase.
  • Practice the presentation, but get enough rest so they can shine on the big day!
  • Email with any questions about the event or to inform the Undergraduate Showcase staff if they are no longer be able to participate in the event. If students are no longer able to participate, they must inform the Undergraduate Showcase staff as soon as possible.


On the day of the Showcase

Participants should:

  • Wear professional/business casual attire. Students may also view photos from past events for reference.
  • Arrive prepared to the Showcase. Poster presenters should have already dropped off their poster if printed through an outside source or their poster was picked up early. Oral presenters should have their presentation files on a USB flash drive titled as US.LastnameFirstinitial (eg. US.WuS.pptx). The Undergraduate Showcase strongly advises students to have a back-up version of their presentation saved as a PDF file as well as notes in hard copy in addition to the Powerpoint version of their presentation.
  • Check in at the registration table at Sakamaki Hall during the registration period. See the Event Overview for the exact timeframe.
    • This is the ONLY time that participants can register and upload their presentations to the rooms, regardless of which oral session they are assigned.
    • Students are highly encouraged to arrive early, as all presenters will be uploading their presentations during this period.
  • Oral presenters should:
    • Be in their presentation room a few minutes before the oral session officially starts so that their session can begin on time.
    • Be courteous and supportive to their peers:
      • Remain for the entirety of a presentation session, as entering/leaving rooms is disruptive.
      • Use breaks between sessions to switch rooms.
      • Refrain from talking while peers are presenting.
      • When outside of the presentation rooms, keep volume to a minimum.
  • Poster presenters should:
    • Stand by their poster during the ENTIRE poster session to answer questions from judges and the audience about their work.
    • Have an “elevator speech” ready that summarizes their poster in 3-5 minutes, as judges may move from one presenter to the next fairly quickly.
    • Smile and be inviting! Wearing comfortable shoes will improve overall mood and demeanor as presenters will be standing for quite a while.
  • If students have any further questions, please email