The Rollover worksheets is the list of courses generated from the previous year’s list of classes. We use these courses to build the schedule.

  • CRN numbers will be different from the previous year
  • ALL sheets must be returned by campus mail even if there are no changes
  • Packets are sent to departments via email
  • Section Comments and Special Request Forms are included with this packet

Final Edit

The Final Edit allows departments to make final changes to the course offerings in the current term before it is available to the students.

  • Distribution occurs two weeks prior to Class Availability link viewable to students
  • Changes can be made directly on the sheets
  • Provides an up-to-date listing of non-printing sections and entire department course offerings
  • Please return ONLY pages with changes


Pre-Census worksheets allow departments to make changes to their schedules so information is accurate and up-to-date when the census report is generated.

  • Every semester IRAO (Institutional Research and Analysis Office) runs a census to capture data in Banner
  • Occurs approximately 4 weeks into semester
  • It’s important that faculty members are listed as the primary instructor NOT the TA/GA
  • Please return ONLY pages with changes