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Worksheets have clear deadlines and always require a response to our office. When turning in worksheets, please note the listed guidelines.

  • Do not fax worksheet packets or many paged documents. Faxing is intended to expedite fast changes close to registration. Use campus mail.
  • Submit ALL pages of your rollover worksheets
  • Send only the changes made to the final edit and pre-census sheets.
  • Email or call us if your subject has no changes.

SOC1s can be turned in for any changes.

  • Fax, email, or send us SOCs through campus mail.
  • When emailed, we send confirmations within 24hours. Let us know if you don’t hear back from us.
  • Our office no longer requires signed copies of the SOC1 but the college dean should be aware and is still responsible for changes to the schedule.
  • Not all changes need an SOC1.
  • If you are uncertain about a change, give us a call, or write a note on the SOC itself.



< Class Availability Text     Guides and Examples     Good Practices >