SOC-1 Form

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SOC-1 Form

Please note top blanks for Justification and From. These help us to understand ambiguous instructions and contact you for clarification.

Description of the columns listed on the SOC-1 form.

1.     Print Y/N

Enter “Y” to print and display online.  Enter “N” if you do not wish to publish the section in the printed Schedule of Classes or in the online SOC.

2.     Restrictions & Approval

To add a restriction or approval to a section.

M = Major Restriction                    F = Freshman Seminars Program Approval
C = College restriction                   H = Honors Program Approval
I = Instructor Approval
D = Department Approval

3.     Course Reference Number (CRN)

If you are updating information to an existing course, enter the section’s assigned CRN number.  This field should only be left blank when adding new sections.

4.     Subject

List the subject area of the course.  This is a four-character field, e.g., PHRM for Pharmacology.

5.     Course Number

The number used to identify the course content and title as listed in the Manoa Catalog.  This includes the alpha suffix, used by special topics, honors, and other special designated courses.

6.     Section

The section number controls the order in which the sections will appear, for a course number, in the Schedule of Classes.

7.     Schedule Type

HTI = Hybrid-Technology Intensive
LEC = Lecture
LAB = Laboratory
LED = Lecture/Discussion combined
LEL = Lecture/Lab combined
DIS = Discussion
DRR = Directed Reading & Research
= Seminar
THE = Thesis/Dissertation
PRA = Field Experience/Practicum

Refer to the approved UHM-1 or UHM-2 for the course codes.

8.     Group Code

The code used to identify a set of sections that will meet in the same classroom.  Indicate cross-listed information or concurrent sections on the first section only.  Example:  If 22 sections are to meet in the same room indicate 1-22 in the Group column on the first section only.  The Group Code will be assigned by the Scheduling Office.

9.     Overall Maximum

The maximum number of students allowed into a cross-listed course or a concurrent class.  For cross-listed classes, the section maximum and the overall maximum should be identical to allow registration into under any department section until the overall maximum is reached.  Determination of department credit and instructor credit will be determined at a later date via the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs.

10.     Section Maximum

The number of students allowed to register into a section.  This section maximum cannot exceed the capacity of its assigned room.

11.     Meeting Days

The days on which the section meets:

M         =      Monday
T          =      Tuesday
W        =      Wednesday
R         =      Thursday
F           =      Friday
S           =      Saturday
TBA      =      to be arranged.


  12.     Start Time

The time the section begins.

13.     End Time

The time the section ends.

14.     Mtg Line (Meeting Line)

Intended for sections with multiple meeting days or times.  Indicates which meeting line is to be updated, (e.g., 1, 2, 3).

15.     Building & Room

Blank       =    When these fields are left blank, it is assumed that a general classroom is being requested.
TBA          =    A general use classroom not needed.  Please use your own facilities whenever possible

16.     Instructor’s ID

Instructor’s Banner ID or OR Username.  The ID number is required to attach an instructor to a class.

17.     Instructor’s Name (Last, First & Middle Initial)

List the instructor’s last name and first name.

18.     Indicator

Specify one of the following actions to be taken:

A       =          Adding or create a new section of a course.
C       =          Changing the information of an existing section.
D       =          Deleting or Canceling an existing section.


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