Good Practices

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Following the suggestions here will reduce the number of classes that don’t fit into the schedule and make it easier for us to satisfy your special requests.

Days and Times

Following the standard time blocks will improve your schedule. The assignment algorithm gives initial priority to maximizing utilization by following the block schedule. Following time blocks will improve your student’s final exam schedule. Final exam times are designed to space out the load for students with classes following this schedule.

Distribute the times for your schedule. When the scheduling software runs out of rooms, typically from 10:30 to 1:30, a second pass is made to assign less optimal rooms. Courses may receive better rooms if the schedule is more balanced.

Requesting Media

Please be aware that only a low majority of classrooms have computers. It is scheduled that all General Classrooms outside of Keller will have projector systems and media cabinets for instructors that have their own laptops by Fall of 2014. Please be mindful of the distinction to help us balance your requests.

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