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Choosing a Major for Law School 

Criminal Justice and Criminology Career Paths 

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Self-Evaluation for a Career in Law

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Dual Degree Program Information for Law Schools

University of Hawaii William S. Richardson School of Law – Admissions FAQ

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Military Law: Becoming a Judge Advocate General (JAG)

United States Military Veterans Resources


Women In The Law is a podcast mini-series from Law School Transparency, with funding from the LSAC. Through first-person narratives, thoughtful conversations, and synthesis of economic and social science research, this show empowers women and men to recognize and constructively address a range of workplace issues that negatively impact women, the organizations and firms they work for, the clients they represent, and the society we all live in. In addition to NPR-style episodes, LST conducts roundtable discussions among lawyers and experts about each of the show’s themes.

I Am The Law is a podcast from Law School Transparency that interviews law school graduates about their jobs. Learn about various practice areas and practice settings, recipes for success, and the biggest challenges lawyers face today. The hosts provoke guests to provide thoughtful, revealing answers that go beyond the surface responses students typically receive. You can listen here or on your favorite podcast app.

Law School Transparency (LST)

LST is a non-profit that does consumer advocacy and public education about the legal profession. Please click here for more information.

Pre-Law Magazines

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National Association for Law Placement (NALP)

NALP is an association of over 2,500 legal career professionals who advise law students, lawyers, law offices, and law schools in North America and beyond. NALP — its staff, leaders, and members — collectively know a whole lot about the world of lawyer jobs. Their  NALP Pre-Law Portal was designed by NALP volunteers to help prelaw advisors and students in the US learn more about the legal employment market.

Summer Programs

Fordham Pre-Law Institute Online – Get a head start and learn what it takes to succeed in law school by attending Fordham’s Pre-Law Institute. Earn undergraduate credits studying the fundamentals of the U.S. legal system and U.S. law while being exposed to the rigors of law school while you experience New York City. You may choose to receive 3 undergraduate credits or to take the course without credit at a reduced cost. This course is designed for those contemplating law school but all are welcome. Visit:

Duke Law D.C. Summer Institute on Law and Policy ONLINE – Thinking about law school? Starting in the Fall? The Duke Law D.C. Summer institute on Law and Policy is a great way to try it before you buy it – or get ready for it – by learning from premier Duke Law faculty. Visit: