Kapiolani Community College’s Paralegal Program

What is a Paralegal?

A paralegal is a legal professional who works in a legal environment and may perform all of the functions of an attorney except give legal advice, accept clients, set legal fees, and present a case in court.  Paralegals may do background work for an attorney, help attorneys prepare for trial, conduct client interviews, produce reports for use by attorneys to determine how the case should be handled, and many more other duties.

Why a Paralegal Program?

Although Hawaiʻi has no credential requirement for working as paralegal, many more states in the U.S. are beginning to ask for paralegals to have a Paralegal Degree.  Plus, a Paralegal Degree shows employers that you have a specialized knowledge in the field regarding many important issues that regularly arise, such as: attorney-client privilege, confidentiality, and the legal process.

Keep in mind, the KCC Paralegal Program credits do not apply toward any law degree program and may not apply towards the requirements of a bachelor’s degree. Although some students who are considering applying to law school may take paralegal program classes first, they are not required for prospective law students.


For students in the University of Hawaiʻi (UH) System, there are no selective admission requirements for the KCC Paralegal Program. Any student in the UH System may transfer into the program or take classes in the program according to his/her need.

The KCC Paralegal Program offers an Associate in Science, Paralegal degree (60 credits required) and a Legal Secretary Certificate (18 credits required) through an evening program which prepares students to perform the duties of either a paralegal or legal secretary.

For a list of courses offered at KCC which can be applied toward the paralegal program may be viewed here.


If you are interested in the KCC Paralegal Program, please consult the KCC website for more information: KCC Paralegal Program Description

If you wish to see a comprehensive list of certified paralegal programs nationwide, please see the following page provided by the American Bar Association (ABA):  ABA Approved Paralegal Education Programs


Susan Jaworowski

Paralegal Program Coordinator

Email: susanjaw@hawaii.edu