Directory of Law Degrees in Hawaii

Law / Law-Related degrees in Hawaii

Overview:  This directory is only a guide to supplement your own research.

Many law-related fields do not require a specific undergraduate degree
Not included in this directory are the many liberal arts degrees that provide a foundation for law careers; examples include degrees in political science, philosophy and in Interdisciplinary Studies.


•  Degree Awarded
Degree NameLocation
Associates Level:
•    Certif, AASAdministration of Justice Maui College
•    AASAdministration of Justice Honolulu Community College
•    ASAdministration of Justice Hawaii Community College
•    ASCriminology and Criminal Justice Chaminade
•    AAJustice Administration Hawaii Pacific University
•    CertifLegal SecretaryKAP
•    ASParalegalKAP
Bachelors Level:
•    BAAdministration of JusticeHILO
•    BA: ISCriminologyUHM
•    BS, MinorCriminology and Criminal JusticeChaminade
•    BA, MinorJustice AdministrationHPU
•    CertifLaw and Society CertificateUHM
•    BA: ISPre-LawUHM
Masters Level:
•   MSCriminal Justice AdministrationChaminade
•  LL.M.Masters of Laws for Foreign Law GraduatesUHM:Richardson School of Law
Doctoral Level:
•      JDJuris DoctorUHM:Richardson School of Law
Optional Certificates awarded with completion of a JD
•    CertificateEnvironmental LawUHM:Richardson School of Law
•    CertificateNative Hawaiian LawUHM:Richardson School of Law
•    CertificatePALS (Pacific-Asian Legal Studies)UHM:Richardson School of Law