Overview of Services

The Pre-Health/Pre-Law Advising Center (PAC) is a walk-in resource center for students interested in lawmedicine (allopathic, chiropractic, naturopathic, osteopathic, podiatric), or the health sciences (dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, physician assistant, occupational therapy, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, etc.).


Our mission is to guide students in discovering their paths in life and in transforming their professional dreams into reality.


PAC operates within the following values:

  • Health and law professions are open to everyone with the desire, aptitude, and motivation to pursue them.
  • Career choice is one of the most important decisions one can make in life and often defines one’s niche in society; it is critical that students choose carefully and wisely.
  • Students choose their own paths and make their own decisions.
  • To make good decisions, students need accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased information.
  • When making decisions, students benefit from sympathetic but honest guidance and from being able to discuss their options with nonjudgmental peers.


PAC’s objectives are:

  • To increase UHM’s retention and graduation rate of pre-health/pre-law students.
  • To increase the number of UHM students who matriculate into health/law professional programs.


At program completion, advisees will be able to . . .

  • Describe the Eight Steps to Professional School and what needs to be done for each.
  • Describe what opportunities for engagement are available at UHM.
  • Be able to create an academic plan that includes their application timeline, professional school prerequisite courses, career-related extra- and co-curricular activities, UHM’s General Education and Graduation requirements, and major requirements, and that fulfills all credit requirements.
  • Be able to create a curriculum vitae or résumé.
  • Use appropriate resources to research and accomplish the Eight Steps.
  • Engage in self-evaluation in light of career goals.

Student Outcomes

PAC students are able to . . .

  • Describe the “Eight Steps to Professional School” and what they need to do for each.
  • List engagement opportunities available at UHM.
  • Create an accurate academic plan that includes the
    • application timeline,
    • prerequisite courses,
    • career-related activities,
    • general education requirements,
    • major requirements, and
    • minimum credit requirements.
  • Create a curriculum vitae/résumé.
  • Use appropriate resources to research and accomplish the Eight Steps.
  • Engage in self-evaluation in light of career goals.



The Path to Professional School

Reaching your professional goals begins with knowing how you are going to get there. There are eight steps to take on your path to professional school: coursework, experience, personal development, entrance exams, reseaching schools, applications, financial aid, and interviews. Our peer advisors will help you with each step of the way.

Additional Resources

Our office provides additional resources such as a lending library, computer services, and handouts.

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