Fact of Life: Dealing with money can be complicated…

Resolution: Get money-smart!

Here is how you can begin/increase your financial literacy, USA Funds® Life Skills® is a free online learning program that offers you advice for managing your time and money wisely while on campus and after graduation.

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Once you click on “My Catalog”, you will see 30 available lessons. To determine which lessons are more relevant to you, they are categorized into groups below. For more details of what the lessons will cover, click here.

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Note: Lessons can be completed in any order. If you are unable to complete a lesson in one visit, you can return to it at any time and continue where you left off. Click the name of the lesson under “My Learning” on your Home page to return to the in-progress lesson.

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Lesson groups.

Taking First Steps101. How will I pay for my higher education?
102. How do I apply for financial aid?
201. How do I achieve my goals?
202. What do I need to know before I select a
program of study?
203. How do I live on a budget while I’m in
204. How do I manage my school life?
205. How do I manage my personal life?
Exploring What's Out There202. What do I need to know before I select a
program of study?
204. How do I manage my school life?
205. How do I manage my personal life while
I’m in school?
303. How do I establish career goals?
Making It Happen302. How do I prepare for a job interview?
306. What do I need to know when deciding to
pursue a graduate degree?
601. How much is my graduate degree going to
602. How will I pay for my graduate education?
Facing Your Future103. What do I need to know about repaying
my student loans?
104. What if I have trouble repaying my student
301. Now that I am about to graduate, how do I
find a job?
601. How much is my graduate degree going to
603. How much income should I expect?
Surviving Your Graduate Education604. How do I budget while in graduate school?
605. How can I control spending while in
graduate school?
606. How do I manage my debt while pursuing
my graduate degree?
607. How do I survive my graduate education?
608. How do I survive during my medical
Everything Else Along the Way102. How do I apply for financial aid?
304. Where does my paycheck go?
401. How do I manage my credit card debt?
402. What do credit scores mean to me?
403. What do credit reports mean to me?
404. How can I protect myself from identity
Couple Talk701. How do we cope with school and our
702. How do we manage our money while in
703. How can we have a life with so little

Get help.

For assistance, contact USA Funds Customer Support Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time by e-mail to lssupport@usafunds.org or call (800) 766-0084(800) 766-0084. After these hours, support is available attechs@geolearning.com or (866) 692-8628(866) 692-8628.