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Volunteer Opportunities in HawaiiPre-Health Volunteer Opportunities List
Self-EvaluationSelf-Evaluation for a Career in Healthcare
Recommended CoursesHLTH Classes Fall 2015
Keeping on TrackChecklist for Professional School
Internship ChecklistInternships: Why and How?
Choosing a SchoolLong List of Medical Schools for Hawai'i Students

Choosing a Medical School
Choosing a MajorChoosing a Major for Healthcare Professionals
Available Degrees in HawaiiDirectory of Health Degrees in Hawai'i
Application ProcessTips for your Curriculum Vitae

Suggestion for Documenting your Experiences

Guidelines for Letters of Recommendation

Guidelines for Writing a Personal Statement
Academic PlanningFillable Four Year Academic Planning Worksheet

Making a Four-Year Plan

Repeat Policy Tutorial

Grade Replacement Policy Tutorial
Quick Reference for all Health Fields Health Professional School Reference
Pre-Health Info SheetPre-Health Info Sheet