Physician Assistant – Health Care Experiences

Physician Assistant

Information compiled from the PAEA Program Directory (updated 09/15/15). This list is not meant to be exhaustive; only currently accredited institutions were included in the table. Please check the directory for a full list of schools offering PA programs. A few things to note before using this resource: 1) Please double check with specific schools regarding their minimum hour requirements. Bear in mind that not all PA schools require health care experience; some schools highly recommend it and some do not require it at all. 2) Some schools may require that you complete the minimum hours at the time of your application submission, before your matriculation, or at some other time as specified by the school. 3) Some schools may prefer a certain type of health care experience (paid or volunteer, EMT vs nurse aide, etc.) so it is important to check each individual school’s requirements and preferences. 4) This is just the minimum hours required; competitive applicants may complete more than the minimum required hoursIt is the prospective applicant’s responsibility to double check the requirements with each school.

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