Pre-Dentistry at UH Mānoa

Dentists are health care professionals whose primary responsibility is maintaining the health of patients’ oral cavities and adjacent structures. Dentists provide preventive care and diagnose and treat problems affecting both hard and soft tissues, including teeth, jaw, lips, gingival tissue, and tongue. They also perform medical procedures such as surgery, laser surgery, and tissue grafts. Dentists improve their patients’ appearances through cosmetic dental procedures, which require finely attuned aesthetic sensibilities.

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Learn More About DentistryADEA GOdental
American Student Dental Association (ASDA)
Early Acceptance ProgramLake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine Dental Medicine Early Acceptance Program
University of Missouri-Kansas City School of DentistryUMKC School of Dentistry has 3 seats each year for Hawai`i students. These 3 students receive in-state tuition. During the 2016 application cycle, the UMKC School of Dentistry for the first time admitted an additional student beyond the 3 seats. However, that student did not receive the waiver of in-state tuition. The UMKC School of Dentistry will likely continue to give this consideration each year based on the quality of Hawai`i applications. If you are interested or would like more information, please contact Dr. Russell Tabata (an alumnus & spokesperson) or visit their website.
Researching SchoolsADEA Official Guide to Dental Schools
Physical copy available at PAC
Entrance ExamsDental Admission Test (DAT)
DAT Overview
ApplicationsAssociated American Dental Schools Application Service (AADSAS)
Letters of RecommendationRequired Types
InterviewsSample Interview Questions
Financial AidWestern Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE)
Current OpportunitiesHealth – Current Opportunities
EngagementHawaii Pre-Health Career Corps
The Pre-Health Career Corps (PHCC) is a free year-round program for Hawaii high school and college students who are interested in health careers. Its purpose is to increase awareness about health careers, provide mentoring, shadowing and research experiences, and provide campus exposure to health careers.

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