Mandatory Advising

If you are a freshman or a sophomore student, you are required to receive mandatory advising in each of your first four semesters here at UHM.  If you have not declared a major or are a pre-major (except for Pre-Psychology, Pre-Nursing and Pre-Dental Hygiene), you may fulfill your mandatory advising requirement through one of our mandatory advising sessions. If you have declared a major, or are Pre-Psychology, Pre-Nursing or Pre-Dental Hygiene, you will need to see your major advisor to get cleared for mandatory advising; regardless, we highly recommend that you also attend one of our mandatory advising sessions if you are interested in a pre-health or pre-law profession. The purpose of mandatory advising is to assure that you are aware of graduation requirements, college resources, and opportunities.

Below is a brief overview of each of the mandatory advising options. For more information on how to sign up, click on the option that applies to you–the italicized options are those that are currently offered for this semester.

Freshman Year Mandatory Advising Option How to Schedule
First Semester Academic Plan walk in or make an appointment
Second Semester Engagement walk in or make an appointment
Sophomore Year Mandatory Advising Option How to Schedule
Third Semester Curriculum Vitae sign up for a 30-minute session
Fourth Semester Self-Evaluation walk in or make an appointment


The Academic Plan option helps you create an academic plan as a pre-health student. For instructions, click here.

The Engagement option introduces you to various resources, extracurricular activities and academic possibilities on campus to prepare for your sophomore year.

The Curriculum Vitae workshop helps you create a curriculum vitae to record how you have engaged yourself and identify the areas you can improve upon.

The purpose of the Self-Evaluation option is to make sure you are on track toward your intended career. For instructions, click here.

To check your registration status: Go to MyUH Portal and click on “View My Holds”; if you have no holds listed, you are cleared for registration.