New Student Checklist:
Being a new student at a university can sometimes be overwhelming, thankfully we have a New Student Checklist to ease the process! This list includes everything from applying for financial aid to new student orientation to finding out the requirements for your major! Click New Student Checklist to begin!

Freshman Pre-Registration:
As part of the Freshman Registration Opportunities (FRONT) system, freshmen can register beginning May 15. This step-by-step guided system offers students several options for choosing their courses and requests courses for you based on your area of interest. Click Freshman Pre-Registration to register!

Access to College Excellence (ACE) for Freshmen:
To ease the transition from high school to college, First Year Programs offers ACE learning communities with a combination of three general education courses and a small group, 1-credit integrating seminar (CAS 110: Access to the College Community) led by an upperclassman peer mentor. PAC recommends students to register through ACE learning communities. Click ACE for more information on the learning communities and freshman seminars.