Manoa Institutional Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Students

Institutional Learning Objectives (ILOs) encompass the UH Manoa undergraduate experience as a whole—academic and co-curricular. It is through the combined efforts of faculty, students, staff, and administrators that students achieve the ILOs.

  1. Know—Breadth and Depth of Knowledge
    Students develop their understanding of the world with emphasis on Hawai’i, Asia, and the Pacific by integrating
    General education knowledge (arts and humanities, biological sciences, languages, physical sciences, social sciences, technology);
    b. Specialized study in an academic field; and
    c. Understanding of Hawaiian culture and history.
  2. Do—Intellectual and Practical Skills
    Students improve their abilities to
    Think critically and creatively;
    e. Conduct research; and
    f. Communicate and report.
  3. Value—Personal and Social Responsibility
    Students demonstrate excellence, integrity, and engagement through
    Continuous learning and personal growth;
    h. Respect for people and cultures, in particular Hawaiian culture;
    i. Stewardship of the natural environment; and
    j. Civic participation in their communities.