Distance Advising

Whenever possible, we highly recommend students make in-person appointments because this is the most efficient mode of advising.  However, students may request phone advising if they have circumstances that prevent them from being able to meet in-person. 

Please note the following guidelines regarding distance appointments:

1. Appointments are a maximum of 30 minutes

2. Your advisor will call you for the appointment.  Please do not call our office.

3. Following your appointment, please complete an evaluation of your session

*Please note, all phone advising appointments are done in Hawai’i Standard Time*

1. Email macadv@hawaii.edu from your hawaii.edu email account explaining why you are not able to come in-person and need a phone appointment.  Be sure to also include a subject line on your email.In addition to your rationale why you are unable to make an in-person appointment, please include:

– Name

– A Student ID number

– Intended major

– Phone number (including area code) that you wish to be contacted at

– Availability for the appointment date and time over the next week.

*Appointments are scheduled according to Hawai’i Standard Time*

Please keep in mind the time difference from your location.

– Specific questions or topics you would like to discuss.

2. Your advisor will reply with a tentative appointment time.

3. Confirm your appointment time.

To maximize your appointment, it is important to be prepared.  If you are not prepared with any of the following, your appointment may be cancelled:

1. Be available and near your phone 5 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment.

2. Have a computer with Internet access ready with the following websites up:

– STAR online degree check (please be logged in)

– Program sheets

– UH Catalog

– Class Availability

3. Have your student ID number ready for verification purposes.

4. Have any necessary forms in front of you and questions to be discussed.

1. Your academic advisor will email you any links or websites discussed in your appointment.

2. Advisor notes from your appointment will also be available on STAR.

3. Please complete a phone advising evaluation, which will be emailed to you by your academic advisor.