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Limited tutoring is available May 26 - August 13, 2015

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Walk-ins are welcome, yet to guarantee a tutoring session, we encourage you to make an appointment. 

Appointment and Cancellation Policy

You may make a tutoring appointment for up to one hour per course per week. 

To cancel your appointment, please login using the button below and click "cancel" next to the appointment you'd like to cancel.

Cancellations within 24 hours will be considered a no-show. If you have 2 no-shows in a semester, please make an appointment for Learning Strategies to have your tutoring privileges reinstated.

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Tutoring Schedule*: May 26 - May 29

* Subjectto change
Tuesday 5/26Wednesday 5/27Thursday 5/28Friday 5/29
Basic Stats11:00-4:009:00-12:0011:00-4:009:00-12:00
Math 10011:00-4:00
Math 134, 140, 20311:00-4:009:00-12:0011:00-4:009:00-12:00
Math 21511:00-4:009:00-12:0011:00-4:009:00-12:00
Math 24111:00-4:009:00-12:0011:00-4:009:00-12:00
Math 2429:00-12:009:00-12:00
Math 24311:00-4:009:00-12:0011:00-4:009:00-12:00
Nrem 20311:00-4:009:00-12:0011:00-4:009:00-12:00
Bio 17111:00-4:3012:00-4:3011:00-4:00
Bio 27511:00-4:0012:00-3:0011:00-4:00
Chem 1311:30-4:301:30-4:30
Chem 1611:30-4:301:30-4:30
Chem 1621:30-4:301:30-4:30
Chem 272/27312:00-3:0012:00-3:0012:00-3:00
Phys 15111:00-4:0011:00-4:00
Phys 17011:00-4:0011:00-4:00