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Campus Tutoring

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walk-in science and math tutoring for UHM students through the College of Natural Sciences

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writing consultations through the Department of English

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Hawaiian language tutoring through Native Hawaiian Student Services

More Campus Tutoring

economics tutoring for UHM students through an RIO (registered independent organization)

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tutoring for UHM student athletes at the Nagatani Academic Center

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accounting tutoring through Beta Alpha Psi: email for a schedule

Online Tutoring

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online math, science, and writing tutoring for DOE K-12 & UHM students

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online tutoring for UH system students taking at least 1 community college course 

Don't forget to also ask your departments and TAs about additional tutoring or academic support, especially if you're in the College of Language, Linguistics, and Literature! There are lots of department-coordinated programs created to help you!

Need help with any other UH stuff?

Not sure where to go with your question or issue? Need guidance or referral to campus resources? Seeking clarification on a campus policy or procedure? Just want to talk? We're here if you need us. Check out UHM campusHELP for all your campus related questions and concerns!

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Workshop Resources

LearnAbility Sessions

Are you studying a lot and still not getting the grade you want? 

  • Earning the grade you want includes understanding how you learn, reading for comprehension and retention, taking functional lecture notes, using time effectively and taking tests well. Moreover, different courses require different strategies and skills. The more you understand about the courses you're taking and their requirements, the better equipped you are to succeed.
  • LearnAbility sessions are workshops designed to assist students with adjusting to the college academic environment. This environment often means studying with different approaches to fit a particular course. The more you understand which study strategies work best for you and is best suited for the course, the more likely you are to achieve at desired levels.
  • To schedule a LearnAbility session or for more information email us at

Reading in College

Are you reading and finding that you can't understand or remember the material? You can learn to increase your understanding and retention of required reading in college.


Taking, or more accurately, making good notes is very useful in the learning process. You can learn to take and make good notes that work for you!

Time Management

Are you running out of time too often? You can learn to plan, organize, and use your time without bothersome procrastination!

Test-taking Strategies

Are you taking tests hoping that luck will be on your side? You can learn to approach the test-taking situation with a confidence based on sufficient preparation and an understanding of the content that will facilitate critical thinking and support problem solving!

Present with Confidence

Are you nervous about oral presentation? You can learn strategies that make presentations more effective, ranging from understanding your audience to speaking clearly!

Adjusting to Academia

Do you wonder how to access the campus resources that are best suited for you? You can get information on knowing your advisor, emailing your professor, and seeking assistance from university services!

Goal Setting

Not sure what to do first? Make smart goals a part of your game plan!

Academic Coaching

It's an entire program!

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