Meet the LAC Team

The LAC offers FREE tutoring and workshops to all UH Mānoa students, faculty and staff. Meet the team below!

The Learning Assistance Center assists with developing effective study strategies that will help you find the motivation needed to get the grade you want. There are also individual tutors in areas that many students find difficult including chemistry, math, biology, and economics. We provide study groups for these difficult courses, and conduct workshops to learn how to manage time, read more effectively, take better notes, and doing better on exams. If you think you may have a learning disability, we provide initial screening and support to cope with learning problems.

At times, course content needs to be discussed in a one-to-one, personalized session to help you develop clarity and conceptual understanding. Therefore, LAC tutors will not only help you understand the course material, they will also help you develop effective study strategies. Effective study strategies go beyond helping you learn course material and earn high grades; they enable you to tackle new and challenging material in your future coursework.


Photo of Rosie

Rosie is the Director of the LAC. Her 40+ years at UHM includes taking a full-time position at the counseling center right after graduating with a bachelors in secondary education, earning a masters degree in counseling, becoming tenured faculty, earning a doctorate in educational psychology, working in testing, counseling, outreach, career placement, and finally learning assistance. She loves helping students achieve their academic goals with foci on finding the right career, developing effective learning strategies, and sustaining motivation. She finds service the focal point of her career. Besides serving students and faculty, she actively participates in faculty governance, holds leadership positions in national professional organizations and maintains a healing practice.

When she finds time to relax and have fun, she likes to practice calligraphy, sing (with others), dance, read a good book, play with poetry, go bowling, play a fun game of volleyball or softball, and watch football, movies or selected Korean drama.


Photo of Adam

Adam is the Program Coordinator of the LAC. He earned his B.S. in English and M.A. in Second Language Studies. Helping people learn is his passion. He thrives on assisting people in achieving their academic goals, enhancing their writing skills and acclimating to academia. His academic interests include socio-cultural learning, writing instruction, and program evaluation and assessment.

Outside the LAC, he enjoys nature through biking and hiking. He travels more miles on his bike and on the hiking trails than in his car. He relaxes with dining on flavorful foods and trying to duplicate them in his kitchen. He rarely follows a recipe, so every meal he cooks is an experiment. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t. Taste life!


Photo of Alyssa

Aloha! My name is Alyssa Eva. This is my second year here at UH Manoa. I am heading towards a degree in nursing. A big passion of mine is helping other people, so please allow me to help! I also am passionate about music. I play the saxophone with and love to sing.

I am very excited to help you so please stop by!


Photo of Braiden

Aloha! My name is Braiden, and this is my second here at UH Manoa. I am originally from Maui, and I am pursuing a degree in Secondary Education with a focus in Mathematics. My goal is to eventually be a math professor back at UHMC, and hopefully make math a little less of a headache 😉 I look forward to seeing you soon!


Photo of Chloe

Born and raised in Honolulu, Chloe is an LAC tutor specializing in Japanese and introduction Accounting, and is currently working towards a Master of Accounting. She graduated from Georgetown University with a B.A. in Japanese on a Pre-Engineering track and the University of Hawai'i at Manoa with an M.A. in Japanese Linguistics with a concentration in syntax and psycholinguistics. After taking a brief respite from academia, Chloe found a new passion for accounting after having the opportunity to assist with managing finances for a local real-estate law firm. While she is not studying or working, she enjoys gaming, finding the best places to eat on the island, and binging the newest Netflix thrillers.


Photo of Daniel

I am a mathematics major. I have over two years of experience in working with lower division math. Math can be fun if you believe


Photo of Edward

Hi my name is Edward. I was born and raised in Hawaii. I'm currently a Junior at UH Manoa and I will be entering the Shilder School of Business in this upcoming fall. I mainly tutor ACC 201. Looking forward to meeting you.


Photo of Emma
Emma is from the island of Kaua'i, and is currently is currently working on her BFA in Dance Theatre.    She is a member of the University of Hawaii Manoa Dance Ensemble, with whom she recently completed a series of inter-island performances in collaboration with Kenny Endo and the Taiko Center of the Pacific.

When not at the LAC as a receptionist, Emma likes to dance, draw, read, and do crossword puzzles.


Photo of Irene

Hello! My name is Irene. Although born in Honolulu, Hawaii, I spent most of my time in Taipei, Taiwan. I’m currently a junior hoping to pursue a BBA in Accounting and Finance. I tutor ACC 201/202, ECON 130/131, and basic stats. When I’m not tutoring, you can find me at your nearest boba shop studying 🙂 I also enjoy traveling, hiking, and playing basketball when I have free time. In the future, I do hope that I can become a neurosurgeon because it has always been my passion to become a doctor. I feel that it only takes a few minutes helping someone to change their life, so feel free to stop by if you have any questions!


Photo of Jon

Jon is a biology major who recently graduated from `Iolani.  He tutors for general chemistry (CHEM 161 & 162), organic chemistry (CHEM 272 & 273), and biology (BIO 171, 172, & 275).  While he has aspirations of becoming a physician, he has not yet decided on a particular speciality.  In the future, Jon would like to practice medicine in Hawaii and go on medical missions to Western Samoa, particularly the island of Manono.  In his free time, Jon enjoys traveling, eating, going on adventures, and watching sports.  Jon welcomes any and all students to the Learning Assistance Center and looks forward to working, helping, and interacting with them.


Photo of Jordan

Hi, my name is Jordan and I am pursuing a BS in biology, along with a minor in economics. I was born and raised here on Oahu, and I usually spend my free time hanging out at the beach. Feel free to come to me for help in anything math related or Econ 130-131.


Photo of Justin

Justin is currently a second year planning on getting a BBA in Management Information Systems. Born and raised in Hawaii, Justin attended Kalani High School and graduated in 2017. On his free time, Justin enjoys playing video games, watching football/basketball, and hanging out with friends. His desired future plan is to one day get into either the E-sports or NFL marketing/management business, as he feels that’s what he would enjoy doing most. Justin loves to socialize with others, which led him to becoming a receptionist at the LAC.


Photo of Nina

Hi! My name is Nina, I’m an aspiring physician majoring in Biology.  I’m originally from a small town in Poland, however I have lived in the islands for about 8 years now and I appreciate everything they have to offer! In my free time I love to surf, scuba dive, hike, travel and spend time with my friends/family. I am happy to help you with CHEM 131, CHEM 161 & 162 and CHEM 272 & 273, as well as general biology, BIOL 171 & 172. I enjoy helping others learn, develop good study habits, and work through challenging concepts!


Photo of Noel

Hi! My name is Noel and I'm studying Japanese and German. Didn't actually start with these two when I got into university, but the journey's been fun nonetheless. I'm quite passionate about learning languages and I look to make language learning more accessible for people. Book an appointment for either Japanese and German, and let's learn together.


Photo of Sophia

Hi! My name is Sophia, and I moved to Hawai’i from Korea a few years ago. I’m majoring in computer science. I tutor math, computer science and Korean. In my free time, I like to play the piano and guitar, spend time with friends and family, and go hiking. Feel free to stop by and I will try my best to help you!


Photo of Taylor

Aloha! My name is Taylor and I am a sophomore at the University of Hawaii pursuing a double BBA in Accounting and Finance. In addition to tutoring, I am also at Swim Instructor at Leahi Swim School. When I'm not studying or teaching, you can always catch me at the beach or trying to chase a waterfall. If you need help with Accounting, I'm your girl!