Volume 2, Fall 2017

ISSN 2472-5234 (print)
ISSN 2472-5242 (online)

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Foreword: Blank Spaces
Christine Beaule, editor

Living in Kalihi: Remembering Stories of Struggle and Resistance
Kathleen Corpuz

Aming Kahirapan at Kaunlaran (Our Struggles and Prosperity): Incorporating Methods of Historial Trauma to Pave a Pathway Towards Success
Stephanie Cacal

Russian Orthographic Reform
Martha A. Holland

The Challenges and Difficulty of Determining the Genetic Factors Associated with Autism
Kelly Brotto

John Oliver: Forging a New Type of Satire
Kevin Harrison

Submission to the Graces: Neoclassicism, Gender, and the Fashion Press in Revolutionary France
Miranda Kam

Hawaiian Plantation Haiku Series
Tyler A. Lau

Elevating Lower Campus
Rydan Higashihara, Shirley Hong, Concong Huang, Christopher Lomboy, and Khoa Nguyen

“Kai Hohonu”
Luke Horner

Design and Testing of an In-Water Nursery for Orphaned Corals on O’ahu’s South Shore
Vanessa Banogon, Aleca Borsuk, Bryson Clemente, Eric Guyett, Raquel Kamalu, Nathanial Lizama, Joshua Lui-Kwan, Kristen Monico, David Todd, and David Yoshimoto

Shay’s Lantern
Tani Loo

Shaping Views: A News Frame Analysis of South Korean Newspaper Articles on North Korean Defectors
Keoni M. Williams

Essence of Dance and a Camera
Dayna Chun


The Influence of City Life on Piet Mondrian and Chris Burden
Aaron Katzeman

L’arbre est le Tree (The Dance of Language): Perspectives, Raisons, et Rimes

Devon H. Miller

Among Other Things
Tzana Saldania

The Effects of Gratitude on Cortisol Reactivity

Martine F. Leclerc

Successful Implementation of Transgenic Gene Chloro-9 into Mouse Embryos Allows for Mammalian Photosynthesis: Inauguration of Chloro-9 into Society may Solve World Hunger

Larissa Ault, Shelby Dolim, and Travis Rose

Turning over the Leaf: Following the Lettuce Commodity Chain in Hawai’i

Eli Litzelman

Energy Efficiency: The Future of Glassmaking

Amber O’Brien

Embodied Within These Fish

Sheanae Tam

Wish You Were Here

Fiona Lynch

Hegemonic Heterosexuality in the Film Boys Don’t Cry

Shannan Yamamoto

Asian American Art and Stereotypes

Nathan Kawanishi

Powers of the Anonymous: A Personal Essay about Plagiarism, Theft, and Hate Speech

Airi Yoshioka

Monkey Hands: A Daughter’s Inheritance

Annabelle LeJeune

Growing Up in the Atomic Age: America’s Youth Face an uncertain Future

Kacey Martin

Something More

Brandy Dobson

Saving Max

Jennifer Au

Shaping Writers in the Center: How Identity is Acknowledged and Influenced

Eryn Yuasa

Stereotyping Kanaka Maoli — A Stewing Deterrant

Kaipulaumakaniolono Baker

The Personal is Political

Marley Aiu

Designing Peace: Peace Memorial

Calvin Bulan, Jason Hashimoto, Khan Meyer, Valerie Ribao, Johnathan Stanich, and Morgan Wynne

Evaluation of Monthly Apartment Rental Prices in Honolulu, HI

Tiffany Eulalio and Jake Koki

State of Affairs: City and County of Honolulu Transportation Options in Regards to Oahu’s Kupuna

Morgan Wynne