Volume 1, Fall 2016

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Foreword: The Horizons of Undergraduate Scholarship
Christine Beaule, editor

To Come Out is to Uphold and Liberate: The Hegemony and Queerness of Christian Closets
Jon H. Omuro

Fjords and Firearms: Military Spending, Economic Growth, and Technological Innovation in Postwar Norway
Eli Litzelman

Conceptual Design of Kewalo Basin and Kupu Hawai’i’s Youth Facility
Kristoffer Jugueta

Brandon Galarita

Quantifying Atmospheric Fallout of Fukushima-Derived Radioactive Isotopes in Mushrooms in the Hawaiian Islands
Trista McKenzie

5 Centimeters per Second: A Close Analysis of Two Forms of Media
Chanelle Miwa

Autism-Spectrum Disorder: Testing Perceptions of Reality through the Monty Hall Problem
Sakaria Auelua-Toomey

Ailee Yanagishita

Music-Induced Emotions and the Inexplicability Thereof
Michael Di Martino

Transformation: Challenges Faced by an ESL Student
Fiona Lo

Psychotic-Like Symptoms and Attitudes toward Seeking Professional Psychological Help in Asian-American College Students
Xuefang Chen
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Comparison of Species Identification Methods: DNA Barcoding versus Morphological Taxonomy
Sophie Friedheim

The Number of Segments on a Culsia rosea Seed Capsule
Daren Kuwaye


Time-Dependent Morphological Transformation of Penicillium marneffei by the Expression of Liquid Culture and Expression of Yeast-Phase Antigen in TH-P1 Cell Line
Mc Millan Ching

In the Wake of Fukushima: Radioactive Cesium Inventories of Selected North Pacific Fish

Hannah Azouz

Kalusugan at Kayamanan (Health and Wealth) of Filipinos in Kalihi

Stephanie Cacal

Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Public School Students Striving for Occupational Mobility through Voluntary College Preparation Program

James Gauer

Under Surveillance: The Omniscient 21st Century Femme Fatale

Krystian Brown

Old Wine, New Skins: Models of Roman Leadership in the Court of Charlemagne

Katarina Alyss Brewbaker

Anatomy of Ballet: How the Physicality of a Ballerina Shapes a Sense of Self

Sara Beth Yurow