Visiting Honors

Honors welcomes students who wish to learn more about the program with an on-site visit.  Check out the options below.

Advisor Appointment

Email or call the Honors Program to schedule an appointment with an advisor!

Selected Studies Advisor (for freshman and sophomores): Siobhán Ní Dhonacha

Upper Division Honors Advisor (for juniors and seniors): Vernadette Gonzalez

When leaving a message, please indicate what dates and times you are available:

Meet a Current Honors Student

With enough lead time, we can arrange for a current student in the program to meet with a prospective student to answer questions.

Please contact the Honors Program to make arrangements:

Campus Tours

Campus tours are done through the Campus Center and are held by appointment.  These tours include an Admissions Information Session, Department Information Session and Housing Tour.

Housing Tours

Housing tours are done through the Student Housing Office. For clarification about what will be on the tour, please call Terry Howell.

Attendees will meet at Frear Hall.  The student at the front desk can assist you from there.