Upper Division Honors

Students in the Upper Division Honors Program have an opportunity to earn their degree with Honors, which is available to any major at the UHM.   Candidates are acknowledged at Commencement, both in the formal ceremony and in the program, and the distinction is annotated on the transcript and diploma.

To help our Upper Division students prepare and succeed in their academic endeavors, our students can borrow books from Hamilton Library for an entire semester.  Stop by the Honors Program for more information on this extended-loan privilege and to receive the appropriate paperwork.

Upper Division Curriculum

Students in the Upper Division program follow a course of study that leads to independent research and creative work supervised by a faculty member.  To be eligible to graduate with an Honors degree students must normally earn a total of 12 credits, six of which are in preparatory seminar classes, and six of which are credit for independent research and creative work.   These credits are earned in the following sequence:


Departmental Honors Tracks

Students can get an Honors degree in any major offered at the University of Hawai`i at Mānoa, but several departments have developed Honors “tracks” within their program and actively recruit talented and motivated students to pursue an Honors degree.  You can find out more about these programs by clicking on the majors listed below and following up with an inquiry to the appropriate undergraduate advisor or departmental honors director: