The Senior Honors Project

The culmination of your Honors experience is the Senior Honors Project, which can take the shape of an Honors Thesis or Honors Portfolio, depending on which fits your needs and the requirements of your major.

To determine your options, you are required to attend a BRIDGE Session at the end of your sophomore year (or you are in the Upper Division program, at the beginning of the semester you enter Honors).

Q: How can I tell if a Thesis or Portfolio is a better fit for me?

A:         First, this choice may be limited by your major. They have to allow you to do a Portfolio. Your major will most certainly allow you to go the Thesis route, as it is a very typical research or creative endeavor supervised by a Faculty Mentor, resulting in a written paper.

Second, this may be determined by the kind of work that is typical for people in your major. Portfolios allow for more non-traditional research and creative work, such as design projects, community-based research, etc. to be considered for Honors. The Portfolio is best for work that is not of sustained quality, but has distinct but related components making a whole. There is a written reflective essay, and the work as a whole needs to demonstrate that it is of equal quality and rigor as the Thesis option.