The Senior Honors Project: Honors Thesis

The Honors Thesis represents original, independent, mentored inquiry or creative work that reflects sustained effort, thoughtfulness of design and excellence in execution, and which enhances the student’s area of study. It is the culmination of our Honors students’ hard work, persistence, and dedication and is the capstone to their Honors education.

Students work closely with a Faculty Mentor and an additional committee member over the course of their senior year to conduct research or carry out creative work as appropriate to their major, and produce a written record of their work.

To choose the Honors Thesis as your culminating experience, you must:

  1. Submit a 12-15 page (minimum) written proposal following the Honors Program guidelines for the Honors Thesis;
  2. Submit, with the proposal, the Honors Thesis Proposal and Mentor Form, which must be initialed and signed by the Faculty Mentor who has agreed to oversee your Honors Thesis.

You cannot proceed to sign up for HON 496 or 499s in your major that will count toward your 6 total credits of Senior Honors Project work without first submitting a written, approved proposal.