The Senior Honors Project: Honors Portfolio

An Honors Portfolio project differs from a regular academic portfolio (in which students collect artifacts as their educational journey unfolds and write short reflections on them). For our purposes, an Honors Portfolio is a deliberately-crafted collection of experiences, projects and research that are coherently linked through advanced design and that work toward a common purpose of showcasing sustained, creative and rigorous undergraduate work. It provides a framework to plan, organize, synthesize and reflect on the diverse elements of unique and “outside-the-box” Honors capstone experiences.

The Honors Portfolio is ideal for students whose coursework, chosen academic focus and/or educational experiences outside the classroom may not fit the more traditional format of an Honors Thesis.

As in the Honors Thesis, the work that goes into the Honors Portfolio typically takes at least two semesters (once past the proposal stage).

To choose the Honors Thesis as your culminating experience, you must:

  1. Discuss with your major academic advisor and faculty mentor if the Honors Portfolio option is the right option for you;
    1. The Honors Portfolio option MUST be approved by the proposing student’s department and the student’s Honors mentor. Not all departments will allow this option, and students must work within the constraints of their departments.
  2. Take HON 499 to help you think through and craft an Honors Portfolio proposal;
  3. Submit a 10-12 page written proposal for your Honors Portfolio project following the Honors Program guidelines for the Honors Portfolio;
    1. The work proposed for an Honors Portfolio must demonstrate the equivalence in rigor and effort as an Honors Thesis, and must justify why an Honors Portfolio is the best framework for the work.
  4. Submit, with the proposal, the Honors Portfolio Proposal and Mentor Form, which must be initialed and signed by the faculty mentor who has agree to oversee your Honors Thesis;

You cannot proceed to sign up for HON 496 or 499s in your major that will count toward your 6 total credits of Senior Honors Project work without first submitting a written, approved proposal.