The Project Proposal

Before proceeding to the work of the Senior Honors Project, students are required to submit a written proposal that will be a blueprint for the project they will undertake.

Students should closely consult with a Faculty Mentor (ideally in their department) to conduct the initial research and writing for the proposal, to make sure they are on the right track. Students will need a Faculty Mentor on board to review and approve the proposal for its feasibility and appropriateness for Honors, to serve as the student’s mentor throughout the research and writing process, and finally, to evaluate the work of the student upon completion of the project.

Students are highly recommended to take HON 495, which is designed around the crafting of this proposal, and coaching students on finding an appropriate Faculty Mentor for the project.

Please send all Honors Proposals with the Subject Line: “Honors Proposals” to by the last day of final exams per semester.