Selected Studies Curriculum

Honors courses provide opportunities for undergraduate students to experience small, seminar-style classes, while satisfying General Education requirements and learning skills and knowledge necessary to conduct independent research and creative work within their major. All of the courses are inquiry-based, training students in critical thinking and independent research.  The Honors Program offers “A-section” Courses and Honors Courses.

“A-section” Courses

“A-section” courses are special sections of regular classes that are reserved for Honors students. Enrollment is limited to 20 students. Generally, such courses provide students with a more in-depth and challenging exploration of the subject matter.  However, in some cases involving a sequence of pre-requisite courses, they may also be accelerated versions of the non-Honors equivalents. “A-sections” provide for a greater degree of interaction between students and instructors, and students are expected to take greater initiative in their learning.

Check out the list of current A-section courses as well as Honors courses here.


Honors Courses

HON 101 Introduction to Research and Creative Work at Manoa (3) Combines lectures by instructors and faculty guests with workshops and hands-on experience in small group projects, including bibliographic searches, laboratory science, social surveys and interviews. A significant portion is dedicated to writing instruction. Letter grade only.

HON 190 Honors Tutorial (1) Supplements a 100 or 200 lecture course or standard lab time with discussion section, instructor-intensive lab time or directed research. Limited enrollment. Repeatable three times.

HON 291 (Alpha) Honors Sophomore Seminar (3) Special inquiry-based study of multi-disciplinary topics in particular historical, cultural, geographical, environmental or other contexts. Emphasis on primary sources or fieldwork. (B) biological science; (H) humanities; (P) physical science; (R) arts; (S) social science; (T) literature. Repeatable once. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or departmental approval.

HON 301 Public Policy-Making (3) Students develop understanding of theory, practice, and ethical issues of public policy-making. Combines lecture/discussion and field trips. Students develop policy analysis and strategic plans that identify issues, interests, and methods of influence. Repeatable one time. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or 291, or departmental approval. (Cross-listed as POLS 386)

HON 303 Civil Engagement, Volunteerism & Community Service (3) Seminar on history and theory, and practice of volunteerism in the U.S. Involves comparative study of volunteerism, individual research projects on volunteerism, and conduct of field service activities together with written reports. Repeatable one time. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or 291, or departmental approval.

HON 380 Peer Mentoring (3) Students develop understanding of dynamics of leadership skills within the contexts of paired to large groups. Significant portion is dedicated to writing and oral communication instruction. Honors Program students only. Pre-semester training sessions, on-going training and supervision. Repeatable one time. Letter grade only. Pre: 101 or departmental approval.

HON 399 Internship (V) Field placement integrated with academic study of institutions and/or organizations. Repeatable 3 times or up to 12 credits. Pre: departmental approval.