Requirements & Timeline


  • Take coursework (HON 495) or independent study with mentor to support the writing of your Senior Honors Project Proposal (Optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
  • Submit proposal for Senior Honors Project with Mentor/Proposal Form to the Honors Program


First Semester

      • Take HON 494
      • Take HON 496, a 499 in your major or a pre-approved Honors Track substitute to get the bulk of your research done
      • Submit your committee form
        • Consult often with your committee about your progress and drafts
      • Submit your HON 494 student progress report

Second Semester

      • Attend a Graduation Information session
      • Register for the Undergraduate Showcase
      • Submit your timeline for completion to your advisor and to Honors
      • Approximately halfway past the semester, submit your first complete draft to your committee for feedback and an initial “defense”
      • Submit your thesis and graduation materials (thesis, CV, personal statement, exit survey) by deadline
        • Spring semester (April 15)
        • Fall semester (November 10)
        • Summer semester (July 30)
      • Present at the Undergraduate Showcase
      • Submit your presentation materials (powerpoint and/or poster) to Honors
      • Attend graduation ceremony