Presenting Your Senior Honors Thesis

Students must present their completed Senior Honors Project at either the Spring Symposium or Fall Forum.  The oral presentation requirement at these events includes a 12-minute powerpoint presentation with a 3-minute question and answer segment.

As the semester progresses, the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) contacts students regarding submission deadlines and workshop opportunities.  Correspondence with UROP is crucial to ensure the presentation requirement is fulfilled.  Students can present at alternate venues or academic conferences to fulfill the presentation requirement after getting approval from the Honors Director.  Subsequent to the presentation, all relevant documentation must be submitted to the Honors Program to validate that the requirement has been completed.

In addition to the oral presentation, students are strongly encouraged to engage in a conversation with their thesis committee. This conversation is not a defense as such, but is a means for the thesis committee to collectively and individually give feedback and advice. It should be seen as an opportunity to discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the thesis, and particularly how it could be improved by further work and how it might be prepared for publication.  The conversation should take place after submission of the examination draft to the committee but before the final assessment of the project is due to the Honors Program.

In some cases, departments may have additional requirements. Students in Global Environmental Sciences, for example, are expected to give a public defense of their thesis in addition to presenting at the Symposium or Forum and engaging in a conversation. Students should check with their individual program requirements.