Honors and A Section Courses


Fall 2017 Honors and A-Section Course Listing

CRNCourseGen. Ed/FocusMyUH TitleInstructorDays & HoursClassroom
77016AMST 150A (001)FGBAmerica and the WorldJ TrippMW 10:30-11:20
F 10:30-11:20
F, Moore 207
75826ANTH 151A (001)FGAEmerging HumanityN CooperMWF 8:30-9:20SAUND 244
78887ASTR 110ADPSurvey of AstronomyP ColemanMWF 9:30-10:20WAT 114
70246BIOL 171L (007)DYIntro to Biology I LabK BennettT 1:30-4:15EDM 101
75754BIO 172L (001)DYIntro to Biology II LabC DaehlerT 1:30-4:15EDM 112
78097BOT 105A (001)FGCEthnobotanyA ChockWF 12:30-1:20STJHN 402
75149COMG 251A (001)DAPrinciples of Eff Public SpkgA HubbardM 12:30-1:20
WF 1:30-2:20
M, ART 132
WF, GAR 102
74074ECON 130A (001)DSPrinciples of MicroeconomicsD ChingMWF 9:30-10:20SAUND 244
78151ENG 100A (001)FWComposition IK GarlandMWF 10:30-11:20KUY 304
70991ENG 100A (002)FWComposition IJ HigaMWF 1:30-2:20KUY 406
76410ENG 100A (003)FWComposition IB BrooksTR 10:30-11:45KUY 407
79500ES 101A (001)DS, HAPIntro to Ethnic StudiesR LabradorMW 10:30-11:20
F 10:30-11:20
MW, KUY 301
76975HIST 161A (001)FGAWorld Cultures in PerspectiveK JollyTR 1:30-2:45KUY 308
78027HIST 162A (001)FGBWorld Cultures in PerspectiveN NjorogeTR 12:00-1:15SAKAM B102
74859HON 101 (001)WIntro to Research at ManoaLori YancuraTR 1:30-2:45BUSAD D102
77092HON 101 (003)WIntro to Research at ManoaIlima LongMW 9:00-10:15ARCH 101A
77680HON 101 (004)WIntro to Research at ManoaRichard RathTR 1:30-2:45SAKAM C103
77681HON 101 (005)WIntro to Research at ManoaSusan SchultzMW 10:30-11:45BUSAD D301
78152HON 101 (006)WIntro to Research at ManoaDaniele SpirandelliTR 10:30-11:45SAKAM A103
77682HON 291H (001)W, DH, NISophomore SeminarReed DasenbrockMWF 1:30-2:20SAKAM B103
78675HON 291S (001)W, DS, NISophomore SeminarPetrice FlowersW 12:00-2:30BUSAD D301
78139HON 330 (001)
Honors Study AbroadVernadette GonzalezTBATBA
79254HON 333 (001)WExperiential and Scholarly EngagementJayme ScallyOnlineOnline
79255HON 333 (002)WExperiential and Scholarly EngagementSiobhán Ní DhonachaOnlineOnline
74426HON 491 (001)WJunior SeminarZoia StoytchevaF 1:30-4:00STJHN 15
78140HON 494 (001)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezM 9:30-10:20GRG 215
78141HON 494 (002)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezT 9:00-10:00GAR 101
78142HON 494 (003)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezM 12:30-1:20BUSAD E202
78143HON 494 (004)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezT 1:30-2:30BUSAD D301
78144HON 494 (005)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezW 12:30-1:20BUSAD D105
78145HON 494 (006)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezR 1:30-2:30MOORE 207
80091HON 494 (007)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezTBATBA
75099HON 495 (001)W, OIntro to ResearchAngela SyTR 1:30-2:45BUSAD D105
71348HON 496 (001)WSenior Honors Project (Last Semester of Research)Vernadette GonzalezTBATBA
71349HON 496 (002)WSenior Honors Project (First Semester of Research)Vernadette GonzalezTBATBA
75332HON 496 (003)Senior Honors Project (First Semester of Research)Vernadette GonzalezTBATBA
79598HON 499 (001)Directed Reading/ResearchVernadette GonzalezTBATBA
77831HWST 107A (002)DH, HAPHawaii: Center of the PacificTBAMW 1:30-2:45KAMA 201
71538MATH 251A (001)FS, NIAccelerated Calculus IErik GuentnerMWF 9:30-10:20
W 8:30-9:20
W, KELL 404
78449MATH 252A (001)NIAccelerated Calculus IIAchilles BerosMWF 9:30-10:20
T 9:00-9:50
T, KELL 313
71539MATH 253A (001)NIAccelerated Calculus IIIBjoern Kjos-HanssenTR 1:30-2:45
W 11:30-12:20
TR, KELL 403
W, KELL 301
79288MUS 107A (001)FGCMusic in World CulturesJ MoulinTR 12:00-1:15MB 9
79253PSY 100A (001)DSSurvey of PsychologyK PaukerTR 10:30-11:45
F 12:00-12:50
TR, SPAL 155
F, WEB 203
72159SOC 100A (001)DSIntro to SociologyC PetranekTR 1:30-2:45SAUND 244

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