Honors 491

Junior Honors Seminars provide undergraduate Honors students with a graduate-style seminar experience. The classes meet in small groups and discuss a particular topic from multidisciplinary perspectives.  These seminars challenge students by taking them outside the specialized focus of their major and by asking them to approach complex issues or problems in new ways.  Honors 491 emphasizes student participation, written and oral presentations, analysis, and intellectual growth.

Most students take this course the first semester in the Upper Division Honors Program and must be accepted as Upper Division students before being able to enroll in the course.

Students transitioning into the Upper Division program from Selected Studies, and who have completed the Sophomore Honors Award, can waive Honors 491.  The Honors Program does also grant other opportunities to waive Honors 491, such as study abroad.  For more information please contact us at honors@hawaii.edu or stop by the Honors Program office.