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Advising Forms

Refer to the following forms to help identify requirements, track your progress, and map out an academic plan.

Prospective StudentsFile type
Honors Program FlyerPDF
Selected Studies (Applies only to continuing Manoa Honors students pre-Fall 2016.) File type
Selected Studies Core SheetPDF
Upper DivisionFile type
Honors Project: Portfolio Option Core SheetPDF
Honors Project: Thesis Option Core SheetPDF
Honors Academic Planning FormPDF
Departmental Approval for Upper Division Form
Honors Thesis Proposal and Mentor Form (Research)
Honors Thesis Proposal and Mentor Form (Creative Work)PDF
Honors Portfolio Proposal and Mentor Form
Honors Project Committee Form
Student’s Progress Report for HON 494

Risk Waiver Form

Assumption of risk, release, and indemnity agreement.

FormFile Type
Risk Waiver FormPDF

Petition/Waiver Form

This petition form is necessary to substitute a course or experience for one of our Honors requirements.

FormFile Type
Petition/Waiver FormPDF

Withdrawal Forms

Students in the Honors Program make an extra commitment to academic study and extra-curricular activities, and we realize that for even the most talented and motivated students, circumstances can sometimes change enough to prevent such a commitment. Students contemplating withdrawing from the Honors Program and need help sorting through options, please schedule a time to speak to our advisors:

To schedule an appointment, please click here.

FormFile Type
Withdrawal FormPDF

Forms for Faculty

These are forms are for faculty who are advising a Senior Honors Project for HON 496.

FormFile Type
Evaluation of a Senior Honors Project- ResearchPDF
Evaluation of a Senior Honors Project- Creative Work PDF
Evaluation of a Senior Honors Project- Portfolio PDF


Our Logo & Coat of Arms

The Allegory

Our coat of arms is named for the legendary Hawaiian navigator, Makali‘i.

The shield contains a star, whose seven points represent the seven stars of the Seven Sisters constellation, better known as Pleiades. In the Hawaiian universe, Pleiades is called Makali’i and it first rises around the time of year of the Makali’i moon (named for the constellation). In 2011, this occured on October 26. The appearance of Makali‘i also marks the beginning of Makahiki, a sacred period of the year, when certain practices, especially warfare, were forbidden, or kapu.

Our new coat of arms was inspired by the longstanding strapline of the Honors Program, He huaka‘i a‘o – A voyage of learning.