FALL 2019

Mar 4th, 2019
CRNCourseGen. Ed/FocusMyUH TitleInstructorDay(s)Time
84723AMST 150AFGBAmerica and the WorldJ TrippMW
10:30 - 11:20
10:30 - 11:20
79050BIOL 171L
(Section 007)
Honors Biology Lab
DY,WIIntro to Biology I LabR Zenil-FergusonT0130-0415p
83247COMG 251ADAPrinciples of Eff Public SpkgJ UrashimaW
82337ECON 130ADSPrinciples of Microeconomics D ChingMWF1230-0120p
85361ENG 100A (001)FWComposition IS HolmesMWF1030-1120a
79685ENG 100A (002)FWComposition IR WrightMWF0130-0220p
84259ENG 100A (003)FWComposition IE SotoTR1200-0115p
86042ES 101ADS,HAPIntroduction to Ethnic StudiesE CaldwellMW
86683HWST 107ADH,HAPHawaii: Center of the PacificN LopesTR1200-0115p
85934PSY 100ADSSurvey of PsychologyK PaukerTR
82995 Hon 101 (001)WIntro to Research at ManoaReed DasenbrockMW11:30 - 12:45
84773Hon 101 (002)WIntro to Research at ManoaPia ArboledaTR12:00 - 1:15
85217Hon 101 (003)WIntro to Research at ManoaPetrice FlowersTR0300-0415p
85218Hon 101 (004)WIntro to Research at ManoaKerry Ilima LongTR9:00 - 10:15
87844Hon 291HW, DH, NISophomore Seminar: HumanitiesSusan SchultzT0130-0400p
85351Hon 330Honors Study AbroadVernadette GonzalezTBATBA
85935Hon 333 (001)WExperiential and Scholarly EngagementJayme ScallyONLINEONLINE
85936Hon 333 (002)WExperiential and Scholarly EngagementSiobhán Ní DhonachaONLINE
82637 Hon 491WJunior SeminarZoia StoytchevaR1:30 - 4:00
85352Hon 494 (001)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezM9:30 - 10:20
85353Hon 494 (002)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezT9:00 - 9:50
85354Hon 494 (003)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezM12:30 - 1:20
85355Hon 494 (004)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezT1:30 - 2:20
85356Hon 494 (005)Honors WorkshopVernadette GonzalezW12:30 - 1:20
83206Hon 495W,OHonors Thesis ProposalAngela SyTR3:00 - 4:15
79985 Hon 496 (001)WSenior Honors Project (For Students in last semester of research only -- WI Course)Vernadette GonzalezTBATBA
79986Hon 496 (002)WSenior Honors Project (For Students in first semester of research only -- WI Course)Vernadette GonzalezTBATBA
83395Hon 496 (003)Senior Honors Project (For Students in first semester of research only -- WI Course)Vernadette GonzalezTBATBA
86087Hon 499Directed Reading/ResearchVernadette GonzalezTBATBA